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The Operation Goddess Twelve Step Method

The Operation Goddess 12 Step Method will enable you to transform your relationship with food and your body.

Twelve-step programs are a tried and tested treatment formula for all forms of addiction. Claire Anstey studied these programs intensely and created a transformative 12 step method that uses the power of Food Psychology, Hypnosis, Metaphysics and CBT, especially for Operation Goddess members.

Your current eating and body image challenges are deeply connected to all of what makes us human. Your relationships, work, finances, sexuality, our search for fulfilment, the list goes on. 

By working through the 12 steps, we will uncover the root of your challenges and heal deep wounds that are the driving force behind the current habits, behaviours and emotional reactions that are causing you to over eat and drink and feel shame around your body.

Healing your food and body issues is not about you being broken and needing fixing. It is about you choosing to grow and evolve as a woman.

Are you ready to take this journey?

Are you ready to become a Goddess in Training?

Become a "Goddess in Training"

You are invited to step onto the path that will enable you to transform from the inside out.

It is time to look and feel like a total goddess.

The Operation Goddess 12 Step Method will enable you to: 


Transform your relationship with food

Discover the real roots of your binge eating and food compulsions.


Fall in love with your body

Your weight is not your self worth. We will show you how to love and accept your body exactly as it is right now.


Feel safe to feel your emotions

Your emotions will navigate you to true happiness and contentment even if they currently feel overwhelming and painful.


Heal trauma, co-dependence, heartbreak, and deep inner wounds

You do not need willpower to get slim and fit. You just need to heal the pain underneath your distractions.


Reconnect with the truth of who you are and awaken your inner goddess!

You have dimmed your light and been a people pleaser for too long. It is now you're time to shine and feel empowered being you.

Meet Your Therapist

 "Hi, I'm Claire Anstey, I created Operation Goddess Hypnotherapy Studio to be a safe and accessible space to share the processes and practices that can bring profound changes to your life.

I may not look like your average therapist, and that's because I'm not!  You are not here because you need to pour your heart out to some stuffy judgemental type. You are here because you see a part of you in me and that flicker of light is desperate to burn bright.

I am here to help you feel alive again, to give you back your mojo, to awaken your inner Goddess!

I have a passion to reconnect people with their mind, body and spirit. I will raise your self-esteem, make you laugh, but most importantly make you FEEL very important.

In my teens, I ignored my passions to chase fame because for the first time in my life it made me popular. But I hated it and hated myself more than ever. I felt like I wasn’t good enough, that I was ugly, fat and useless. The suicide of my childhood sweet heart was the tragedy that woke me up.

My extraordinary journey of transforming my own life from the fat girl who hated herself to the fabulous goddess who turns heads in every room is the inspiration behind my bold mission and therapist work.

Emotional eating, grief, bullying, suicide, bad body image, self hatred, bad boyfriends, a bigamist, many a broken heart, debt & failure....

I have overcome them all.

I believe that we are all important and good enough. When we believe this in our heart we allow our true self to come alive and this is when we excel, shine and stand in our personal power.

We all deserve the life of our dreams. You deserve to feel fit and healthy. You deserve to radiate, be sexy and feel proud of your body - NO MATTER YOUR SIZE OR AGE!

It is my personal mission to inspire every woman to fall in love with their authentic self, to adore their curves and edges and know they are worth their weight in diamonds.

I developed the Operation Goddess 12 Step Method after healing my own food and body image issues. I know first hand the agony you are currently living but I also hold the keys to your freedom.

Being able to change the lives of so many women makes all I had to go through worth it. I am so excited to be helping you too as I guide you through our 12 Step Method and the Operation Goddess plan."

Our Transformational 12 Step Method 

Your Membership Program

No more food and body dramas!

As a "Goddess in Training" member you will be guided through and deep and powerful program that will change everything forever.

Goddess in Training Members 

Receive An Abundance of Teaching


Our 12 Step Method is at the core of everything we teach our members. This is there first thing you will learn. It will become your daily guide, a wonderful series of principles that enable you to transform everything.

By working through the 12 steps, you will uncover the root of your challenges and heal deep wounds that are the driving force behind current habits, behaviours and emotional reactions.

As a member we guide you though a powerful personal journey by providing the following training and support.

Monthly Modules

Every 30 days we will send you a new module to complete. Each one a deep dive into your food and body issues so that you can create instant and lasting healing.

Private facebook community

Receive daily support from your mentors and fellow members in our powerful members only community.

daily telegram messages

Keep positive and focused with daily messages and teachings from your therapists and mentors.  These daily telegrams literally enable you to have a therapist in your pocket!

live sessions & classes  with expert teachers 

Attend live module sessions. hot seat coaching and masterclasses from a host of teachers and experts from around the world.


Sign up today and your monthly membership will also also give you full unlimited access to ALL the Operation Goddess programs in our "Goddess in Training" Suite.

This suite of courses enables you to choose from a variety of pioneering methods including:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Mirror Work
  • Rapid Transformational Therapy
  • Meditation
  • Breath Work
  • Visualisation
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Metaphysics & Science of Mind
  • New Thought
  • Journaling

Wether its weight loss, confidence, anxiety or stress we have got you covered!

Turn any location into your very own wellness studio with this wonderful "Goddess in Training" suite.

Available only as a BONUS to "Goddess in Training" members!

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Are you ready to STOP your Suffering?

Transform your relationship with food and alcohol.

Fall in love with your body exactly as it is right now.

Reclaim the parts of you that you abandoned years ago.

Heal the  trauma, co-dependence and heartbreak, that is the cause of your eating issues.

Reconnect with the truth of who you are and awaken your inner goddess.

Discover your happiness, self care and social life.

Shift your energy from frantic and desperate to calm and radiant.

Truly nourish your mind, body and soul so that you feel deeply content and complete.

Say Yes to Food & Body Freedom

Take action today and change your life forever...

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