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Why do diets fail? 

Because they address going to the gym and what to eat, but they don't talk about the WHY.

The WHY is everything.

The cravings, the guilt, the starvation, the weekend sabotages...

Decades of starvation diets myths, low fat myths, low carb myths have created turmoil.

Mental blockages are really what’s keeping the weight on.

It's time to break through those mental barriers and change the relationship with food and exercise.

Break through those barriers with hypnotherapy.

Break Through Mental Barriers

Stop Your Cravings

Stop Binging & Secret Eating

No More Starvation


Join us in our 7 Day Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Kick Start Challenge, FOR FREE.

Get 7 days of Hypnotherapy Sessions, Mirror Work, and Affirmation Sessions by a licensed Hypnotherapist to help bust through those mental blocks to start on a new weight loss journey where the weight can start to fall off!

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You'll get:

  • 7 Days of free sessions to break through your mental weight loss struggles
  • Mirror work to regain your confidence
  • Affirmations to Create positive thought patterns for stronger will power
  •  Access to The Operation Goddess Studio App to use on the go 
  • Community Support - you're 10 times more likely to succeed if you have a support network
  • Instant access to start immediately
  • Certified Hypnotherapists leading you in the sessions

After taking care of my dad during a very stressful period, I packed on 20 pounds that I just could not get rid of. I swear, I tried every diet

under the sun for a year and half. Then, with hypnosis, I finally broke through my own negative weight loss beliefs and boom... 3 months later, the weight is gone.

Julia Lundstrom CEO

Claire's voice is so calming. I easily slip into hypnosis and I've am so excited at the changes I'm making.

Emma Stuart At Home Mum

The mirror work is the scariest for me, but with Operation Goddess, I'm working through this self hate and it's getting easier and easier every day. I even thought I looked beautiful for the first time in a long time the other day.

Alice Moore - Administrative Assistant

Break Though Your Weight Loss Mental Blocks.

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7 Day Weight Loss Hypnosis Kick Start Free!

get instant access to break 

through your weight loss barriers!

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