Empowered, Confident, and Feeling Energized After Our 7-day Weight Loss Challenge?

Are you ready to continue this journey, get to your ideal weight, and keep it off?

Are you ready to say goodbye to your chunky self forever?

Saying goodbye is never easy, BUT in this case, it will be EFFORTLESS!

You started the 7-day challenge because you are ready to change your relationship with food, to get slim, fit and healthy.

You’ve seen it work. You’ve seen the results in just 7 days.

Now, it is time to take it up and notch and continue on your journey.

That is why I created this The Operation Goddess Method to help you get where you want to be.

I am so proud of this program, we are seeing it help hundreds of women lose weight, create a healthy relationship with food, and stay on this track after finishing it.

And, since you showed us, you are serious about creating your new reality, a new life where you are slim, happy, healthy, and make healthy food choices all the time we have two special gifts for you!

And now you get the first 7 days of the The Operation Goddess Method for only a $1…

And if that isn’t enough you can try Session one of Module one RIGHT NOW!

The first session is embedded within this page, so simply click on the link above and get started.

No signing up, or anything else. So easy!

It Worked For Me!

Everything I did to mentally be strong enough and emotionally healthy enough to achieve these goals I will teach to you.

Since this before and after was taken I have continued to get slimmer and fitter effortlessly. I am in my 40s and the healthiest I have ever been. Just look at me in the video below! 

Sign up and pay $1 for 7 days then pay just $29 every 30 days. No contract, cancel anytime!

This Method changes everything I am so excited to share it with you!

Try Session One NOW For Free!

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Module One  Session One 

The healing you’ll receive in this one session is so deep that you simply cannot pass it up.

You’ve experienced what just one week can do. How powerful it truly is. 

Continue on that streak with another week for only $1.

Give yourself a real chance opportunity to heal and transform your life experience forever.

In this Hypno Breath Healing Session, you will be invited to heal feeling powerless over food and your body image. The distress, suffering, and stress the situation is causing you will be released, leaving you with the mental and physical space you need to heal.

Please listen to this session in a safe space at a time when you can fully let go. Lie on your bed or the floor. Keep your neck straight and make sure you are lying flat. Have a pillow beside you, you will use this pillow for emotional release work as prompted / or desired.

Active Breath 


During your Hypno Breath Healing Session you will be required to follow a powerful breathing pattern that will enable for deep healing and profound change. Please watch this demonstration before class to familiarise yourself with this 3 part breath process and what to experience in your session.

Powerful Session eh!

Now, close your eyes and feel the shift in yourself…
You can feel it. I know it.
Take a moment to experience it!!


There are 3 more sessions in Module One. Each one more powerful than the last. Can you imagine how different you will feel after doing 3 more sessions?

I have created 12 Modules, each include 4 powerful Therapy Sessions, all delivered to you weekly.

Finally you will heal the root cause of your eating issues and be free of all the self sabotage and disappointment.

You took your first step with the 7-day challenge and the second step with this free session.

You have the momentum started, your body and mind are in sync, ready to tackle that annoying extra weight you’ve been carrying around.

It is now your time! I invite you to transform your mind and body by becoming a "Goddess in Training" with me!!

Claire Anstey - Creator of The OG 12 Step Method

Join Our Monthly Program For Just $1

 Keep going with our proven Operation Goddess Method.

The 7 Day Hypnotherapy Challenge was just the beginning, it is now time to play full out and get the exact results you desire.

Sign up and pay $1 for 7 days then pay just $29 every 30 days. No contract, cancel anytime!

The Full Program Offers You Knowledge, Healing & Transformation

as a goddess in training member you will recieve our full operation goddess method program which includes:


our 12 STEPs

Our 12 Steps take you from surviving to thriving. Each step provides you with an opportunity to heal profoundly and finally free yourself from all your food and body issues. You’ll transform yourself and your life. No more “hot mess” moments or sefl sabotaging behaviour!


the personality triangle concept

Learn about your “Personality Triangle” and how your Outer Child has been running your life, and ruining it for years! Can we get a “YES YES!” for you discovering how the self sabotage is not your fault and never has been!!



You’ll learn to live out our six pillars of success. Operation Goddess six pillars living means following our six principles and values that will guide you in making any decision and action. You’ll be amazed how fast you’ll see the progress.

A WONDERFUL COMMUNITY of like minded women

You’ll be a part of our amazing and supportive community. We have a private VIP Facebook group where you can interact with other women in the program, your mentors and have access to event calendar.


You’ll get daily audio support. All you need to do is to download the Telegram app, click the link below to our private Telegram channel. Here you’ll get daily motivational and inspirational audio messages, and masterminds from your mentors that will keep you going. We all need some pick me us sometimes, and you’ll get that push you need, when you need it in your Telegram app.


You’ll receive weekly Hypnotherapy & Breathwork Sessions. These powerful sessions will allow you to build on each other to deepen the results, and make them last a lifetime. They will heal your body image issues, your food relationship, and create shift in your subconscious mind to make best decisions for you.


Our Masterclasses enable you to dive deeper into the topics that are effecting your progress as you move through our Method. Led by both our in house therapists and guest experts you can attend both our live sessions and our replays.


You’ll get the tools to upgrade all area of your life through the resources available in our "Goddess in Training Suite". Remember, with us, you are a Goddess in training, and as a member in your suite you’ll get access to hundreds of single sessions and courses in transformational techniques such as Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Technique, Meditation and Mirror Work. There you’ll find session on weight loss, fitness, stress, anxiety, confidence, ageing and much more.

These courses and sessions are here to support you as you move through your Modules & Masterclasses. If you have an issue that is not currently covered in the suite you can request support via emailing support@operationgoddess.com and one of our expert therapists will create a bespoke session for you. Hows that for customer service and member love!

It Worked For Me!

This is me before and after. Working with the The Operation Goddess Method enabled me to master my food and fall in love with moving my body. I’ll teach you everything that helped me in this program.

I remember how embarrassed of my body I felt when the first picture was taken, I want you to know that I was once iin the same place you are now.

First we heal, then we shift our mindset then the body and food changes happen effortlessly.

I can not wait to see your before and after pictures!

Sign up and pay $1 for 7 days then pay just $29 every 30 days. No contract, cancel anytime!

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