9 Affirmations For Health

Being healthy starts with the way you think. Change your thoughts and you will change your health.

A health-focused mindset will enable your body and your choices to follow suit. By repeating affirmations, you are telling every cell in your body how to react and how to behave. Through repetition, these words, when said with intention and strong positive emotion rewire your unconscious beliefs and command your mind and body to act in the way you are telling it too.

We have lots of affirmation audios and exercises in our studio library for you to listen to, and many of our hypnosis session use affirmations and direct commands to enable permanent change.

Below is a selection of 9 affirmations to get you started.

  • 1: My health is improving more and more every day.
  • 2: I am letting go of any guilt I hold around food.
  • 3: Every part of my body is growing healthier and healthier.
  • 4: I have a strong urge to eat healthy foods.
  • 5: I nourish my body with healthy, whole, fresh food.
  • 6: Change comes easily to me.
  • 7: I am ready to shine bright.
  • 8: I treat myself in fun and healthy ways.
  • 9: I am glowing with health and energy.

It is essential to believe in the words you are repeating. You can say them out loud or over and over in your head. Repeat them when you are doing your daily exercise. For deep powerful results say these to yourself whilst looking in the mirror.