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I work with Hypnosis, Deep Command Therapy, CBT, Psychotherapy, the Healing Power of Belief, Emotional Intention, Breath Work, Inner Child Work, Shadow Work and Metaphysics to create the changes you desire.

Certified Therapist



Fitness Instructor

tRAINED Dancer 

50's Glamour Enthusiast

Anti Aging Hero

Massage Therapist

Transformational Host

My Why My Purpose

I created Operation Goddess Hypnotherapy Studio to be a safe and accessible space to share the processes and practices that can bring profound changes to your life.

I have a passion to reconnect people with their mind, body and spirit. I will raise your self-esteem, make you laugh, but most importantly make you FEEL very important.

In my teens, I ignored my passions to chase fame because for the first time in my life it made me popular. But I hated it and hated myself more than ever. I felt like I wasn’t good enough, that I was ugly, fat and useless. The suicide of my childhood sweet heart was the tragedy that woke me up.

My extraordinary journey of transforming my own life from the fat girl who hated herself to the fabulous goddess who turns heads in every room is the inspiration behind my bold mission and therapist work.

Emotional eating, grief, bullying, suicide, bad body image, self hatred, bad boyfriends, a bigamist, many a broken heart, debt & failure....

I have overcome them all.

I believe that we are all important and good enough. When we believe this in our heart we allow our true self to come alive and this is when we excel, shine and stand in our personal power.

We all deserve the life of our dreams.

It is my personal mission to inspire every woman to fall in love with their authentic self, to adore their curves and edges and know they are worth their weight in diamonds.

My Message To You

I always fall in love a little bit with anyone who shows me their soul. This world is so guarded and fearful. I see so much beauty and strength in owning our vulnerability.

We live in a world that is constantly telling us that we need more to be good enough. You need the better job, more money, to be thinner, in a relationship, have more likes on your social media. This is all nonsense and a huge illusion that so many of us fall for. It is causing us anxiety, self hate, worry and illness. Everything we need is already inside of us.

The joys of life are actually quite simple. Life is about experiencing feelings of joy, freedom, love, happiness and pleasure. Life is about expressing your true nature in everything you do and with everyone you meet.

What if you could feel those amazing feelings now without changing anything in your life?

What if you felt free enough to be your true self 100% of the time.

Wouldn't that be so much easier than the way you are trying to do things now?

True happiness is created whilst we are IN the journey, no one should be living a life of pain expecting happiness to be waiting for them when they finally get to their goal. When you reach that goal and still feel rubbish you are going to feel worse than ever and you would have spent months maybe years suffering. We only need to look at the mental health issues and suicides of reality tv stars to see how "having it all" does not bring you the happiness and abundance you desire. As a culture many of us have gone off track but its never to late to get back inline and reconnect with the true emotional experiences you desire. You see you think you want things to make you happy but actually that you want is a emotional experience.

Something outside of you will never make you feel happy, loved or contented. All of this has to come from within you. It is felt moment by moment as you go through this journey called life.

We help you do this in Operation Goddess by helping you retrain your negative thoughts and behaviours whilst helping you to reveal to yourself your true nature and the actual desires that will enable you to feel happy, content and relaxed on this journey called life.Lets start enjoying the journey now. Lets start enjoying the journey together. I invite you to become one of my beautiful "Goddesses in Training" and I look forward to watching you flourish.

Leave Your Mask at The Stage Door

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