Important Updates For Goddess in Training

As a "Goddess in Training," you have full access to our world-renowned therapists and our new transformational programme "The Operation Goddess Method"

This program is new and after reviewing Module One Claire Anstey decided to upgrade it. We are so excited to take you through our Method and transform your life.

Please watch Claire Anstey in this video and read through all the onboarding information below to ensure you get the most out of your membership modules and masterclasses.




Onboarding Check List



Our Operation Goddess Method takes you through 12 steps that take you from living as a hot mess to living our positive mantras. Our 12 Steps take you from surviving to thriving. Each step provides you with an opportunity to heal profoundly and finally free yourself from all your food and body issues.

Click here to discover The 12 Steps



The Personality Triangle is a concept that will enable you to understand why you have been unable to heal your eating issues and lose weight. Through The Personality Triangle, you will unravel your relationship between your Inner Child, Outer Child, and Adult Self, concepts that once understood will blow your mind and release you from so much personal suffering almost instantly.

Click here to learn and heal your Personality Triangle.



Living the Operation Goddess six pillars means letting their values and principles guide every action and decision you make. Embrace our six pillars, and you will be amazed at the speed and degree of your progress.

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Join your VIP Facebook group

Your members only FB group is where you will find our community. In this group you also have full access to your mentors and our live events timetable.

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Download the Telegram app

Download the Telegram app to your phone to receive daily inspiration, mini masterminds and inspiration from your mentors daily. Once downloaded please click the below link to join our members only private Telegram channel

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Your monthly modules take you through four powerful Hypno Breath Healing sessions, one for each week. These therapy sessions will enable you to heal your emotional eating and body image issues. Each module is a deep look into one of the 12 steps. Every 30 days, you will receive your next module, which includes your subsequent four therapy sessions. We have just redone Module One so please take a look at your 4 new Hypno Breath Healing Therapy Sessions

Click here to start the ALL NEW Module One


Our Masterclasses enable you to dive deeper into the topics that are effecting your progress as you move through our 12 Step Method. Led by both our in house therapists and guest experts you can attend both our live sessions and our replays.

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Become familiar with all the support available to you as a member by looking through our suite of courses and sessions. The Operation Goddess Suite gives you unlimited access to ALL the Operation Goddess programs created by our wonderful team of expert therapists.

As a “Goddess in Training” member have access to both single sessions and courses in transformational techniques such as Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Technique, Meditation and Mirror Work. Discover sessions on all life issues and situations such as weight loss, fitness, stress, anxiety, confidence, ageing and much more.

These courses and sessions are here to support you in all areas of your life. If you have a issue that is not currently covered in the suite you can request support via emailing support@operationgoddess.com and one of our expert therapists will create a bespoke session for you.

The Operation Goddess Suite can be accessed via the navigation menu. 

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