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Hi, I'm Claire Anstey. Through my journey and supporting many women, I've learned our bodies are powerful storytellers, reflecting our lives, emotions, and changes.

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Operation Goddess Was Created For You

Overcoming challenges with body image and self-esteem is a journey to discovering your inner and outer beauty. My personal transformation from self-doubt to empowerment has taught me to see my body as a partner in my wellness journey. Together, we'll navigate through emotional eating, negative self-talk, and fears, to emerge empowered and radiant. Your body is more than a vessel; it's a partner in realizing your spirit and dreams. Let's embark on this journey to celebrate our bodies, overcome obstacles, and embrace true self-love.

My Qualifications

  • Science of Mind & Metaphysics

  • Meditation & Visualisation 

  • Breathwork

  • Kambo

  • Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy

  • Psychic Studies, Shamanism & Esoteric Subjects

  • BA (Hons) Dance Performance

  • YMCA Exercise to Music

  • YMCA Anatomy & Physiology

  • My Professional Work

    I am a therapist. I am a lifestyle broadcaster and creative entrepreneur specialising in self-empowerment & mind, body spirit.

    I am qualified in Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy and Evidence-based Hypnosis. I am a trained Science of Mind practitioner, which is all about Metaphysics, Quantum Physics and New Thought. This area is a BIG passion of mine. More recently I trained in Kambo, a powerful medicine from the Amazon.

    I am a “highly motivated, inspirational, entertaining presenter with a iconic image and burlesque edge”, well that was what was written about me once in a review and I love it. They also went on to say I am “A powerful yet very feminine woman with a passion to reconnect people with their mind, body and spirit. Anstey will raise your self-esteem, make you laugh, but most importantly make you FEEL very important.” I am so grateful that my work resinates with so many people.

    In my teens I ignored my passions to chase fame as for the first time in my life it made me popular. After graduating I went on to dance in music videos for West Life, S club 7 and Geri Halliwell. I was also lucky enough to teach dance and fitness classes in top London gyms, a youth dance school and world renowned professional dance studio “DanceWorks”. During this time I also become in demand as a plus size model and appeared in adverts for clients such as Coca-Cola and Bodyform. Then my TV presenting career took of and I started working for Nickelodeon, Virgin, Psychic Today and many other big brands. But I hated it and I hated myself more than ever. I constantly felt like I wasn’t good enough, that I was ugly, fat and useless. The suicide of my childhood sweet heart was the tragedy that woke me up.

    I took myself on a healing journey ( which I later referred to as my “Operation Goddess” ). It’s a painful but extraordinary story where I transformed my life and took myself from being “the fat girl” who hated herself to a woman who now feels like a fabulous goddess and turns heads when she walks into a room.

    I discovered burlesque & the beautiful world of "pin up" many many years ago and it was a very important part of my “Operation Goddess” mission. My body issues melted away as I fell in love with this art form & its vintage fashion. Within weeks of my discovery I went and got a job as a host at Proud Cabaret - one of London's best burlesque & cabaret venues. I then trained as a burlesque dancer & performer. I just love the art and even considered moving forward as a “pin up” but life took me in another direction as I followed my calling. So now its just a passion and a style that heavily features in all my work and my way of being.

    Emotional eating, grief, bullying, suicide, bad body image, self hatred, bad relationships, crap jobs, a bigamist, many a broken heart, debt & many failures, I have overcome them all. Life throws ALL OF US so much “stuff”, for me it was important I faced it head on and released the pain it had caused me. I seemed to have so much tragedy thrown at me in such a short amount of time that I felt so burdened and weighed down. “Operation Goddess” enabled me to let go of it all. I am so thankful that I was able to be so brave. The journey took me to many therapists and many countries. One of the most profound experiences that I have had is studying plant medicine with Shamans in Peru & Poland. I am a huge advocate for Ayahuasca, San Pedro & Kamboo shamanic medicines. I can not put out into words the benefits I have experienced from taking these plant (and frog) medicines in traditional ceremonies with highly trained experts.

    I believe that we are all important and good enough. When we believe this in our heart we allow our true self to come alive and this is when we excel, shine and stand in our personal power. We all deserve the life of our dreams. It is my personal mission to inspire every human to fall in love with their authentic self, to adore their curves and edges and know they are worth their weight in diamonds.

    As previously mentioned I am accomplished broadcaster, producer and teacher. Previous clients include MTV, Discovery, Mindvalley, BBC, ITV, Virgin & Nickelodeon. I am also a trained dancer with a degree in Dance Performance, I have various qualifications in fitness coaching and I have even worked as a massage therapist in Poker Games. I used to think that all these “jobs” and random qualifications where useless as I moved through my life and changed direction, but now I realise how every single experience and the knowledge I gained is being used in the work I am doing today. I understand people, our bodies, our minds and our thinking in such a deep and unique way. In recent years I became the author of 2 books, over 10 audio programmes and I have written content for 3 apps. I also tried a few business ideas, but they either didn’t make me happy or didn’t work out as planned so I stopped them but I am so glad I tried. These experiences were so hard on me, my ego took a massive beating as did my bank account. But looking back I am glad I tried as I leant a lot. I “failed forward” as they say.

    Theres been so much that I have done in my career, and creatively whilst trying to express my beliefs and share my experiences. I am so excited to share with you what I have learned and help you thrive.

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