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Hi! I’m Claire Anstey, a Certified CBT Hypnotherapist and creator of the Anstey Method.

I bring together my training in physics, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, metaphysics and new thought to help people to break through the mental barriers holding them back to give them the life they deserve.

I have been exactly where you are right now.

In my teens I ignored my passions to chase fame because for the first time in my life it made me popular. 

But I hated it and hated myself more than ever. I felt like I wasn't good enough, that I was ugly, fat and useless .

Then, my childhood love killed himself and that was the tragedy that woke me up.

My extraordinary journey of transforming my own life from the fat girl who hated herself to the fabulous goddess who turns heads in every room is the inspiration behind becoming a hypnotherapist. 

After reading tons of studies showing the powerful effects of hypnotherapy combined with a dietary program and seeing the powerful results, I wanted to bring my own experiences to people who are going through what I went through.

Listen to this amazing study reported by the International Journal of Obesity:

“Analysed over the whole time period [of 18 months], the hypnotherapy group with stress reduction achieved significantly more weight loss than the other two treatment arms”

older woman session hypno

So what is it? Why are you eating?

Are you eating because you're bored?

Are you sad or emotional…

Do you hate your body?

Do you have negative people in your life or abusive friends or family or spouses?

Do you have a broken heart?

Is the stress of daily life holding you back? 

Is that why you eat? 

Do you even know why you're eating? 

Are you eating because you’re actually thirsty, or in an emotional state or reacting to self hate?

You are in the right place if any of these, or others, are why you think you’re sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

First, I want to thank you for signing up for the Seven Day Hypnosis Weight Loss Kick Start Challenge. An email with your registration information for the 3 day challenge will be in your inbox in about 10 minutes. 

So, do me a favor... I want you to pick up your phone right now and look at the last 5 pictures you have of yourself right now.  

Go ahead. then come back and finish reading…

Do you love what you see?

Is that person the shining light you know she can be staring back at you?

Is she the goddess you know she can be?

If you answered no then stay with me right now. I want to walk show you how you can double your results, starting today, to get even faster results.

When you start your Three Day Hypnosis Weight Loss Kick Start Challenge this week, you’re going to feel amazing after each session.

You’re going to start to feel the confidence to really break through those mental habits that are getting in the way of you having the body you love. 

After the 3 days of building your will power and strength, you won’t want to go back to the negative thought patterns that took over every time you splurged on food.

You know.. when you beat yourself up after eating chips or a piece of cake.... How you swore you’d never do it again. 

Nor will you want to go back to dreading the workouts or that you ‘don’t have time’ to do them. You want to feel almost addicted to moving your body, because you know it’s so good for you.

You need to grow those new neural pathways, every day to really reach the goal weight that you want.

But, how would you like to really kick start the week and double your results? 

You see, It’s estimated that over 95% of all thoughts are subconscious.

What if, you could change your subconscious mind to keep you on track no matter what your conscious mind is thinking or wanting you to do?

What if, when you walk into the next coffee shop, and your conscious mind triggers to you get that double shot vanilla latte like you usually do, your subconscious mind takes over right at the moment of ordering and you order a green tea instead? 

This is a reality with hypnosis.

One 2005 review in the International Journal of Obesity found that studies using hypnosis for weight loss have shown that hypnotherapy leads to more dropped pounds than either cognitive behavioral therapy or dietary advice alone.

Melissa Cipriani Couldn’t lose 20 pounds no matter what she tried. As a last stitch effort, she gave hypnosis a try. 

"Once I broke down the barrier of 'overthinking it' and just accepted that I easily and effortlessly lose weight, it just came off – I knew the choices I was making were the right choices for me."

She went on to lose all her weight and has kept it off for the last 4 years with the help of hypnosis.

The power of hypnotherapy will enable you to work towards choosing the right foods upfront, not relying on fad diets, binge eating or relying on sweet or take away food meals.

The Three Day Hypnosis Weight Loss Kick Start Challenge is going to give you a good start over the next 3 days. 


How would you like faster results?

How would you like to double your results of the 3 Day Challenge?

What if gave you one, extremely powerful hypnosis session to remember everything you need to remember about losing weight, burning fat and eating fabulous food with your subconscious mind to override your sabotaging conscious mind?

What if we gave you the key to get your subconscious mind to rule your decisions and actions?

Could you succeed then?

How would you feel if you were that beacon of light that people flock to because they just can’t get enough?

If you could finally, honestly, look in the mirror and feel love for yourself and finally feel enough?

How would you feel going shopping and having everything look great on you?

Or how your confidence at work makes people look to you for advice and that lands you a huge promotion?

That extra money gets you the better apartment where you live around more successful people.

Those people open doors for you and you move even higher. Life starts to flow easier and happiness is all around you.

This is all possible with the Double My Results Power Hypnosis Session.

Now, the Double My Results Power Hypnosis Session is the perfect companion to the Three Day Hypnosis Weight Loss Kick Start Challenge.

In fact, we created the Double My Results Power Hypnosis Session program based on the feedback from people who had started the 3 Day challenge and who wanted to get faster results than the 3 day challenge alone. 

Inside our Double My Results Power Hypnosis Session, you get a targeted approach to your weight loss and to have a dramatic shift in your mindset in relation to food and exercise.

We’ve taken the most clinically proven methods for weight loss and packed them into this ONE hypnosis session to get you started on the right path for your 3 days…To make the 3 days easier and to bring you lasting results.

You’ll receive instant access on your Operation Goddess Studio App or your computer AND a version that you can easily download and listen to anytime – laying in bed in the morning before you start your day to put you in a determined state, maybe give you a little bit of energy to make you feel like you’re really motivated to have an amazing day.

So, just listen to it for 15-30 minutes and combined with your 3 day challenge, within a few short days, you’ll have already stopped the sabotaging ways and starting creating positive, beautiful mental pathways in your brain...

Selling right now on our website for $67, but because you joined us in our 3 Day Hypnosis weight Loss Kick Start Challenge, today you can get instant access to the Double My Results Power Hypnosis Session for just $17. 

Regular Price $67 TODAY Only $17!

But again, this is only because you registered for our 3 day challenge. So I recommend you act now because as soon as you leave this page, you won’t be able to access this huge discount again.

And, when you order today, you will get our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy worksheet as a free bonus! 


You get the CBT worksheet free with your purchase of the Double My Results Power Hypnosis Session today only for joining us on the 3 Day Challenge.

Plus, the Double My Results Power Hypnosis Session is backed by our generous money back satisfaction guarantee!

Click on the button below now to claim your copy, and even after 1 session, you don’t feel more beautiful, confident and are still losing the battle with food, simply let us know and we’ll refund every penny of the $17. No hassle and no questions asked.

So, you can see, you really have nothing to lose, except that extra weight and low self confidence, of course.

Regular Price $67 TODAY Only $17!

So, if you’re ready to truly shine as the goddess you were meant to be, take this opportunity now.

All you have to do is click on the button below to receive instant access to this Double My Results Power Hypnosis Session, lay back, close your eyes and in 15 minutes, you’ll start to put a dent in a lifetime of weight loss blockages.

So go ahead and click the button now, start listening to your Double My Results Power Hypnosis Session and start to rewrite your future.

Remember, if you don’t see changes or it just isn’t for you, you get 100% of your money back. 

Click below to get your Double My Results Power Hypnosis Session now and Welcome to the Operation Goddess Family!

Regular Price $67 TODAY Only $17!

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