Do You Stop Eating When You Feel Full?

Do you stop eating when you feel full?
Do you know what feeling full feels like for you?
Do you eat so fast that you overeat and then feel awful?

Feeling full is a result of your brain reacting to chemicals released when you put food or drink in your stomach. Your brain takes around 20 minutes to register these chemicals. When we eat more consciously and slowly, we can engage our natural ability to sense when we are feeling full.

Start to practice eating more slowly and mindfully so that you become aware of when your feeling full. When you feel full stop eating! You do not need to finish your plate. Get out of that habit. Listen to what your body is telling you. It is now time to re-engage with your body’s intelligence. It knows precisely what it needs and how much.

Are you eating manufactured junk food that is deliberately created not to fill you up so that you buy AND eat it in excess?

As you move through the OG weight loss sessions, you will effortlessly gravitate towards nourishing nutrient-dense food that enables your body and health to thrive.

High fibre foods, like fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, and whole grains, add bulk to your diet and are vital in regulating your appetite. They also help you to feel satisfied after eating.

Fibre-rich foods also tend to be lower in calories than other foods. Replacing processed foods with fiber-filled foods is a good strategy for weight loss.

You are no longer on a restrictive diet when you join Operation Goddess Studios, you should always eat when you are hungry, BUT you must ALWAYS STOP when you feel full.