Free From Sugar 

Hypnotherapy Session with Claire Anstey

Free yourself from sugar cravings and addiction with this powerful hypnosis session with Claire Anstey.


In this session, you will be guided to deeply accept the suggestion of becoming totally uninterested in sugar and therefore releasing yourself from its addiction and cravings. 

You will rewire your unconscious mind to desire the positive pleasurable feelings that you get from a life without sugar so that the action of giving it up becomes much much easier. 

The focus is on sugar a whole in this script but does touch on sugar foods and sugary drinks within the script a number of times.

This is a really powerful session, expect results instantly. 

Please remember that everyone's experience is different, you may find that you need to repeat this session 3/4 times before you get your desired results. For any deep stubborn blocks listen daily for 30 days and compliment with our CBT worksheets.

Introduction to Free From Sugar Hypnosis

Free From Sugar Hypnosis Session

The better you understand the negative impact of sugar on all aspects of your life, the greater your chance of sticking to your goal and giving it up.

The following Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Worksheet will enable you to reveal to yourself exactly how consuming too much sugar is affecting your life. Simply fill in each box answering the question.

The final page of the worksheet enables you to start thinking of alternatives to sugar. This is your chance to not only think of sweeteners and fruits but also the activities you can do rather than eating when you are triggered.

This is a simple but powerful exercise that you can use alongside your "Free from Sugar" Hypnosis Session. 

Review your list regularly to keep your motivation strong.



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