Gary Albert Hughes C. HYP, LRAM, PGDip, TACT, TASK, C. HYP

Gary is a Health and Wellbeing Coach, Hypnotherapist Kinesiologist who focuses on your emotional, psychological and spiritual alignment. When you know how to communicate with your own inner self and have a healthy loving dialogue with yourself then anything is possible in your life - your goals, relationships, finances, creativity, work, physical and emotional health.


"Gary is one of my favourite humans. He is kind, passionate and so powerful in his work. Gary is an extremely talented therapist who guides his clients straight to the heart of the issue fast. Gary is one of my personal go to therapists when I have issues crop up so I know first hand how powerful and nurturing his work is. I was so happy when he agreed to come join us and be part of our team"  

Claire Anstey Operation Goddess Hypnotherapy Studio Founder


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