When Two Drinks Just Doesnt Cut It

Moderate Drinking Hypnotherapy Session & CBT with Claire Anstey

You will have chosen to be able to say NO to alcohol, to drink moderately. 

What if every time you say no to alcohol, you feel proud?

What if every time you said NO to alcohol and chose a soft drink or water, you felt even more motivated to drink moderately?

What if whenever you are bored, stressed or in an uneasy situation, you don't use alcohol as your escape. How free would you feel if you no longer used drink as a crutch?

Clients who have regularly listened to this hypnosis session and complete our CBT worksheets experience these fantastic results and so could you!

This hypnosis session will enable you to regain your control around alcohol and make alcohol increasingly less important to you.

 It works at the subconscious level and will enable deep shifts in your habitual thinking and current behaviour. As you relax and regularly listen to your download, you'll notice that:

  • Alcohol is just less and less important to you.
  • You no longer crave alcohol when feeling stressed, nervous or overwhelmed.
  • You have regular 'days off' and thoroughly enjoy them.
  • You actively choose to self soothe with more positive activities rather than reaching for alcohol.
  • You enjoy having a greater sense of self-control and feel free from the grasp of alcohol.
  • Your health improves, and you may lose weight.

Moderate Your Drinking Introduction with Claire Anstey

Moderate Your Drinking Hypnosis Session with Claire Anstey


Do you actually know what is making you over drink? This CBT worksheet will help you to make the links between your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and physical sensations in the situations that activate your over drinking.

Key Points:

  • Breakdown your behaviour
  • Understand more about what the starting trigger actually is
  • Understand the links between your body sensations, thoughts, feelings and behaviour
  • Identify some starting points for your next course of action
  • Workout the areas that you have the power to change

This Iceberg Worksheet represents the idea that, although over drinking is displayed outwardly, other emotions may be hidden beneath the surface. Feelings—such as sadness, fear, or guilt— may be causing this behaviour as you may not have the skills to manage them effectively.

By exploring what’s beneath the surface, you can gain insight into your over-drinking, such as other possible activities or treatments for your emotions. For example, you may realise that your drinking is fuelled by overwhelm. Therefore you may benefit from breathwork, hypnotherapy, meditation and further CBT worksheets that can break this down further and calm your nervous system

Getting to the root cause of your behaviour is so essential as once the root cause is healed, the habit will dissolve.

Key Points

  • Discover what emotion is behind your drinking
  • Start the process of unveiling the root cause of your drinking
  • Identify treatment avenues for the emotions revealed

You will have more success avoiding the habit of reaching for alcohol when you have a solid plan in place to help you to deal with triggers, temptation, and all the other challenges that come your way. 

Once complete this sheet will become your prevention plan, and it will enable you to identify your red flags so that you can navigate through your triggers and handle the experience more successfully, and without alcohol.

Key Points:

  • Increase your chances of success
  • Be able to identify your red flags
  • Navigate through your triggers
  • Handle experiences with more success and without alcohol