Have You Been Brainwashed by Food Manufacturers?

Have You Been Brainwashed by Food Manufacturers?

Have you been brainwashed by food manufacturers to believe that the food they create is right for your body?

Are you buying diet foods and sodas? Do you believe that ALL salads are healthy? What do you know about potatoes and the nutrition they provide your body?

It is time to start recognising your food for what it is and make choices that are in line with your new-found self-love for yourself.

As you move through the Operation Goddess programs, you will naturally move away from manufactured food that is full of chemicals and poisons. Your eating style will change, and the compulsive cravings will fall apart.

So if we don’t put you on a diet, how do you know what to eat?

We believe in making conscious choices and following the bodies natural desires for food. No food is off the charts but when we love our bodies and feel ecstatic when our health thrives we effortlessly choose the manufactured food less and less. We may have a piece of cake or chocolate when we fancy it, but the frequency of wanting these foods will get less and less.

UK therapist Marisa Peer has a beautiful way she reminds clients on what questions they should be asking before they put something into their bodies. I want to share with your her 4Rs. Before you eat anything, start to ask yourself these four questions.

Q1: Does it ROAM or grow?
Mother Nature put food on the planet for you to eat. The world you live in didn’t have food manufacturers nor supermarkets 200 years ago. We also didn’t have obesity and so many of the health issues and diseases we have today.

Q2: Can you eat it RAW?
If it can be eaten raw, then your body can digest it. Food in its most natural state is digestible.

Q3: Does it ROT?
If a food doesn’t break down, then you can’t break it down in your body.
Also, if a food has a life span of months, it has to be full of chemicals. These chemicals are poisonous to your body.

Q4: Can you RECOGNISE it?
Is this food in its natural state? Where does it grow or roam? Does it look the same as how Mother Nature created it, can you recognise it?

A great example of this would be white flour. Flour is an ingredient used in many foods. Its most commonly made from wheat. It is NOT in its natural state when we use it to make cakes or bread. All over the world chemicals that have been known to cause Cancer are used to make white flour. Some countries even allow Chlorine to be used to bleach the flour and make it look more edible.

Did you know this?

Just take a moment to think of a beautiful cheese sandwich or a giant chocolate cake. Imagine the smell and your desire to taste it. Now pour some bleach over it.

Fancy eating it now?

You see, awareness is essential! Your imagination is more potent than your will.

While reading this, your mind would have created pictures in your head. This alone is often enough for your compulsion to be overridden as what you have discovered and are imaging in your mind is causing you to feel repulsed. We will be doing more work on this kind of imagery later on in the program. It is powerful and works fast.

So we want you to ask more questions about the food you put in your mouth.

If it isn’t the 4Rs, then you owe it to your health to find out exactly what your eating.

Its time to be honest with yourself and ask yourself…

If I am not eating the 4Rs then am I eating……

  • Cancer?
  • Osteoporosis?
  • Depressants?
  • Chemicals as addictive as heroin?
  • Dementia?

This is shocking, but unfortunately, this is not a joke, your body does not want chemicals inside it. So as you work through the Operation Goddess programs, you will see how your choices shift and change as you start to honour your body and honour yourself.

As you find out more about what you are eating, you will become repulsed by the food that is bad for you and keeping you fat. It will become effortless and a joy to start choosing healthy, nourishing foods.