How CBT helps you

CBT is a model based on the concept that your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations and actions are all interconnected, and that negative feelings and thoughts can trap you in a vicious cycle.

What I love about CBT is that it helped me understand the process of my behaviours and habits and this really helped me change them. I see it do the same in my clients, so if you are new to CBT do give it a go.

The beauty of CBT is its simplicity. The basic principles are given in the diagram below.

CBT helps you to deal with problems by breaking them down into smaller parts. I found that this helped me to truly change and create long term results. As someone who has studied the spiritual laws, Science of Mind and New Thought for over 10 years, CBT helped me to take action in a way that I hadnt been able to before. My conscious mind felt more fulfilled as it had a better understanding of my triggers and “whys”. With this new information I was then able to deeply shift my subconscious as I felt a new level of understanding and trust.

By using the CBT model given above, we can all discover the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Once we know more about our dysfunctional and distorted thoughts and beliefs, we can then challenge and modify them.

Once we modify our thoughts and beliefs we create better results by making better choices. This postive raise in our vibration also enables us to attract what we desire into our world. As a therapist I like to use practical methods such as CBT and psychology with spiritual sciences such as New Thought and Science of Mind. I feel this enables my clients (and myself) to create deep transformational results that last. I feel the combination of this methods is potent, but I will discuss vibration, Science of Mind and the Universal Laws in another post!

Back to CBT…

During a CBT session, you work with your therapist to break down your problems into their separate parts, like in the diagram above. At Operation Goddess, we do this through on-demand videos sessions, worksheets and behaviour change exercises. We have created easy to follow processes that enable our members to work out their treatment plan and create their bespoke Operation Goddess planner. As one of your therapist I am available via chat and email to all members, and one to one sessions are available.

CBT worksheets are simple but extremely innovative. They enable you to change these negative patterns to improve the way you feel. You are also able to work out practical ways to improve your state of mind daily.

CBT deals with your current issues and problems, rather than looking into your past. You will break down these areas using worksheets and work out if they are unhelpful or unrealistic and look at the effect they have had on you and each other segment. You are then able to work out how to change these unhelpful thoughts and behaviours.

At Operation Goddess, we take our members step by step through each process and worksheet with the individual taking control and building their treatment plan.

CBT enables you to take control back and work with yourself to implement long-lasting change. It is potent when done alongside a metaphysical hypnotherapy session, both of which we offer at Operation Goddess Hypnotherapy & Wellness Studio.

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