MendMaker: The Survival Guide For Break Ups & Broken Hearts – A book by Claire Anstey

Reading a full on book when your full of emotions and heartbreak was too much for Claire Anstey hence why she decided to create this survival guide.

Simply go to the section that represents your emotional state in that moment. Choose between a MendMaker exercise that will help heal your heart or a quote that will uplift and inspire. This book is full of all the practical techniques that the author used to mend her own broken heart. It’s honest, gritty and represents the true emotions you experience when your feel that your heart has been ripped out.

Do you want your ex back? Are you scared you will be alone and single forever? Do you hate yourself because you got dumped? Are you finding your day to day tasks hard? Are your emotions consuming you? Are you confused, angry and crying all the time? If you can relate to one or more of the above this book is for you.