Mirror Work

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Heal With Mirror Work.

Powerfully effective and easy to do, Mirror Work enables you to learn to love yourself and accept the depths of who you are.

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Love Your Perfect Imperfections

Mirror Work reflects to you the feelings you have about yourself. During this process, you become much more aware of the thoughts, feelings and beliefs you have that no longer serve you.

By allowing yourself to be seen and heard you reconnect with every part of your being and enable self-healing to happen.

Stuck emotions will release, and old memories may arise. These moments enable you to have a deep clearing of the old and create space for the new.

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Please Don’t Be Scared!

Mirror Work can feel very uncomfortable and scary at first. You will reveal your self-judgements, self-hate and various other negatives to yourself. BUT as you do the work, these fears, judgements and painful emotions will dissolve and heal. In time you will see the truth of who you are and connect with yourself on a deep level. You will become in partnership with yourself once more and create a new found element of trust and respect.

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