My Imperfect Imperfections Are Adorable – Mirror Work S7

We love taking our clients through Mirror work here at OG. The following Mirror work will enable you to grow and develop peaceful, harmonious, loving thoughts about your body when you do this wonderful Mirror Work session led by Claire Anstey.

Foster a more compassionate and forgiving connection with yourself by gently repeating affirmations to yourself during this session.

It may feel so hard at first but practice makes perfect. You may have spent years telling your body how awful it is so spend time reversing this and showing yourself with positive loving thoughts.


This is the introduction audio for “My Imperfect Imperfections Are Adorable” Mirror Work Session. Please listen to this audio to understand what to do in this session and what type of mirror and space you require.

Mirror Work Session

Affirmations Used in This Session

Below are some of the affirmations used in this session. You may wish to repeat these affirmations throughout your day to embed your Mirror Work session further. Choose your favourite one or two and simply repeat.

  • I love every part of my body, inside and out.
  • I now choose the peaceful, harmonious, loving thoughts that create an internal atmosphere of harmony for the cells in my body to live in. 
  • I am in harmony with every part of life. 
  • My body is a good friend that I take loving care of.
  • Body as I look at you – All I see is beauty and gratitude
  • I love every part of my body, inside and out.