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Your new membership to our virtual studio gives you access pioneering methods that rewire your brain and change your unconscious, sabotaging mind.

3 New sessions a week

Expect Hypnotherapy, Meditation, CBT, Mirror Work and much more. And remember if you need help on a subject we haven't covered we will create it for you!

Get What You Need

Our members library full of online sessions and courses enables you to access the styles and themes that you require in your life right now

Like Minded Women

Get interactive with our  community of like minded women via our Facebook group. Feel supported and understood on your journey

We do self care together

You are 10 times likely to succeed when you have a supportive community giving you encouragement and keeping you accountable. Make sure you join our Facebook community group.

  • Connect, motivate and share with like-minded women in our community group.
  • Accountability, 24 hours day, every day so that you can stay motivated and in a healthy mindset.
  • Weight loss is scientifically proven to improve if you have a supportive community. We have a chat section dedicated to your weight loss and emotional eating journey.
  • Make new friends and feel less alone
  • Speak directly with your therapists and have constant contact with the support and inspiration you need.