A Lesson in Manifesting with Daphne Whitehouse

In this lesson Daphne Whitehouse discusses how you can only manifest what you believe you deserve. We can only ever create what our sub-conscious agrees with, any hidden negative beliefs will hold you back.

Daphne also shows you how to understand the reasons why you desire what you do so that you can understand how to get in line with these desires to manifest them.

Often we think we want a relationship, job or car for good reasons but when we look deeply we can see how these desires are connected to our ego or fear rather than for our highest good and enjoyment.

This audio lesson includes practical exercises so please have a pen and paper handy or use the notepad on your digital device.

Message from Claire Anstey: Daphne was one of my very first teachers. When I first tried my online studio business ideas in 2011 Daphne taught some live webinar classes for me. When I found them I wanted you to also have the opportunity to study with Daphne as she makes the Law of Attraction and Manifesting so easy to understand.

Please note that the sound quality of this recording is not perfect and you will need to have it on high volume.

Class Style: Audio Class

Class Length:  43 Minutes