Make Weight Loss Available​ To You

Make Weight Loss Available To You

Are you trying everything but your just not losing weight? Is everyone else in your slimming class progressing but your not? Are you trying everything but having no luck?

This hypnosis session is your “breakthrough” session!

There is a reason behind this block and in this session you will reveal to yourself the root cause, block and reason behind weight loss not happening.

You MUST do these sessions in order.

Session One

In this first session, Claire Anstey will regress you back to find out the root cause of what is stopping weight loss being available to you. Afterwards, you will have total understanding about what has been going on. You will have revealed and released yourself from the cause. This session is so powerful you do it once and then move on to part two. We suggest that you do session two within 24 hours to keep up the momentum of the shifts you experienced in this session.

Session Two

Your mind loves repetition. After you have done session one play this recording often to reactivate, regenerate and manifest your weight loss goals now and forever.


The following affirmations are fantastic to use whilst using this program and beyond. Just repeat throughout your day. Write them on your phone and set yourself reminders to read them.

  • “I love and accept my body as I release weight for my greater health and happiness”
  • “I am willing to release weight now.”
  • “I deserve and accept perfect health now.” 
  • “I am able to release weight easily.” 
  • “I am listening to what my body needs from me.”