Operation: A Happier More Confident Life

MISSION: To Experience a Happier & More Confident Life.

THE FEELING: Happiness, joy, bliss. This week is all about shifting our daily emotions from worry or self-loathing to high vibes of hope.

THE BENEFITS: By increasing our happiness and inner contentment, we release the desire to fill the hole with food, alcohol, or anything outside ourselves. This week is about loving and being kind to yourself. Once we believe this we don’t want to fill our bodies with junk, we don’t allow others to treat us with disrespect and start to expect others to treat us in the same way that we treat ourselves.

YOUR ASSIGNMENTS: Do each activity at least once over the next seven days. Repeat as desired for maximum effect.

  • One Hypnotherapy Audio Session (18 mins total). Create more happiness and confidence in your life with this powerful hypnotherapy session. This session is created and voiced by our new Hypnotherapist Gary Albert Hughes.
  • Morning Meditation (10 mins). Get motivated for your day and increase your self- love with this uplifting meditation by Gary Albert Hughes. 
  • Nighttime Meditation (7 minutes). Close your day with relaxation and gratitude with Gary Albert Hughes. 
  • Schedule Your Happiness (30 minutes minimum). Commit to doing something that makes you laugh out loud. It could be watching a comedy, calling a fun friend. Whatever it is, it must make you LOL for at least 30 minutes.
  • Power Affirmations (1 minute). Repeat these affirmations throughout your day to keep your vibration in check and your focus inline.


Experience a Happier more confident life Hypnotherapy session (18 mins)

Morning Meditation (10 mins)

Nighttime Meditation (7 minutes)

Power Affirmations (1 minute)

  • I am worthy of feeling happy
  • My happiness comes from within me
  • I create my happiness by accepting every part of myself with unconditional love
  • I feel my happiness now
  • I allow my happiness to shine through me today
  • I expect to be happy every day in every way.