Operation: Beat Your Cravings

MISSION: To Beat Your Cravings.

THE FEELING: Freedom, power, choice. This week is all about getting our control back and letting go of cravings.

THE BENEFITS: By replacing thoughts of pleasure with repulsion, you will be able to lose all compulsive desire and beat your cravings.

YOUR ASSIGNMENTS: Do each activity at least once over the next seven days. Repeat as desired for maximum effect.

  • Craving Buster Repulsion Exercise (8 mins). Shifts your minds desire for your craving food by creating images that repulse you.
  • Craving Buster Repulsion Video (2 mins). Watch this video to be instantly put off the junk and processed food that you have been craving.
  • Target Your Triggers CBT worksheet (15 minutes). Link any behavioural or emotional links to your craving / binging behaviour.


Craving Buster Repulsion Exercise (8 mins)

This 8 minute visualisation exercise will teach you how to swap the feelings of pleasure you have attached to your cravings to ones of repulsion so that you don’t want to eat it at all. All the inner conflict just disappears.

Craving Buster Repulsion Video (2 mins).