Operation: Fall In Love With Exercise

MISSION: To Fall In Love with Exercise & Movement

THE FEELING: Bliss, Joy, Adventure. This week is all about removing the barriers we have with exercise so that we can start having fun moving our body and being active.

YOUR ASSIGNMENTS: Do each activity at least once over the next seven days. Repeat as desired for maximum effect.

  • Affirmation Video Exercise (3 mins). Shift your mindset and desire to move your body by repeating these affirmations.
  • Positive Visualisation Movie (8 mins). Watch this video to be instantly inspired to move your body, explore new activities and see exercise as a fun and social aspect of your life.
  • End The Exercise Excuses – CBT Worksheet (15 minutes). Link any behavioural or emotional links to your issues around exercise.
  • Hypnotherapy Session (40 minutes). – Exercise for fun, feel motivated to move and want to create active social plans.
  • Fun Activity Checklist. (10 minutes). Choose your movement and start making some plans.


Affirmation Video Exercise (3 mins)

Play this video and repeat the affirmations. For maximum effect say the affirmations out loud whilst moving your body. Really feel your words in your body and create the emotions within.

Positive Visualisation Movie (8 mins)

Our mind follows the words we say and the pictures in our head. Change your current story by watching these images of people having fun and feeling happy. Say the affirmations out loud for maximum effect. What we think about we bring about. So let’s think of exercise as something that brings us fun, vitality, joy and excitement.

End The Exercise Excuses – CBT Worksheet (15 minutes). 

Link any behavioural or emotional links to your issues around exercise by completing this worksheet.

Hypnotherapy Session

The following 40 minute Hypnotherapy session with Claire Anstey will enable you to change the negative thoughts pattens and habits that you currently have surrounding exercise and being active. Reprogram your mind to love exercise and be excited to get active on a daily basis by listening to this session often.

Fun Activity Checklist. (10 minutes).

Get inspired and write down the fun you plan to have with the various types of exercise and activities you now want to organise.