Stop Hiding Behind Your Extra Weight!

Stop Hiding Behind Your Extra Weight!

Did you experience hurt or a traumatic experience and then gain all the weight? Have you been unconsciously using your weight gain as a safety barrier?

Is your subconscious mind hiding you away from life so that you dont get hurt again and using this extra fat as your excuse?

Unlock the reason behind your weight in this 2 part Hypnotherapy session.

Session One

In this session, you will reveal to yourself exactly what is going on underneath this weight. This knowledge will become your power. Discovering the cause will change the effect. You will release your burdens and release the extra weight.

Session Two

In session one, you found the root cause and reason to why you were holding on to your weight like a protective barrier. Session two enables you to embody your new truth even deeper. Like a muscle, your mind works on repetition.

Repeat this session daily for the rest of the week. This hypnotherapy session enables you to embed your desires and dissolve your “protective weight” as you no longer need it.