Strengthen Your Immune System – Power Hypnosis Session

Use Hypnosis at home to improve your Immune System

Strengthen Your Immune System is an audio hypnosis session which brings together the latest understanding of the mind-body connection. It will also help you to master the art of deep relaxation, which can reduce the effects of stress in your life.

While you are in a state of profound relaxation – a brain state highly conducive to effective learning your hypnotherapist Claire Anstey will give you targeted suggestions designed to boost the functioning and efficiency of your immune system.

Did you know that scientific research has confirmed that hypnosis can boost the immune system!

In a study at Washington State University, a group of volunteers was given hypnotic suggestions specifically to boost their immune systems. Another group received only relaxing suggestions or no suggestions. Their levels of T- and B-cells (special defense cells) were measured. Those who had received hypnotic suggestions showed significant increases in their levels of protective cells.

The great news is that you don’t need to volunteer for a research study to get these benefits. All these benefits can come from our specially created audio session “Strengthen Your Immune system” which you can download and listen to immediately below.

Your Audio Session

This hypnosis session is given by Hypnotherapist Claire Anstey 

Audio length: 31 Minutes

Please listen while sitting or lying down. 

Do not listen while active or driving. 

For best results listen daily for 30 days.

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