Weight Loss – Phase One – 21 Day Program

Break Through Your Mental Blocks & Start Your Weight Loss Journey

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind And Habitual Behaviour So That You Free Yourself From Destructive Self-Defeating Eating Habits And Release Excess Weight. This 21 Day Program Includes Our Deep & Powerful “Double Your Results” Hypnotherapy Session, Mirror Work And Affirmations.

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  • ANYTIME: “Double Your Results” Hypnotherapy Session.
  • AFTER SESSION: Post In Our FB Community Group

  • AM: Mirror Work
  • PM: “Double Your Results” Hypnotherapy
  • AS DESIRED: Affirmations
  • ONCE A DAY: Post In Our FBGroup 

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Phase One Mirror Work

Phase One “Double Your Results” Hypnotherapy Session

Phase One Affirmation Selection

Do Not Cause Yourself Any Stress If You Miss A Session Or Can’t Fit The Whole Program Into Your Day.
Do What You Can And Stay As Consistent As You Can For 21 Days.
It Takes 21-30 Days For Us To Embody New Habits And New Behaviours. Stick With It, As The Results Come Fast.

The Program Content


Our “Double Your Results Hypnotherapy Session” Enables The Following Reprogramming Of Your Subconscious Mind And Habitual Behaviour.

  • Free Yourself From Destructive Self-Defeating Eating Habits
  • Eat In Response To Hunger Not Emotions
  • Become A Sensible And Selective Eater
  • Eradicate Poor Eating Habits
  • Become Aware That You Have The Right To Be Slim And Healthy
  • Turn Up Your Metabolic Rate
  • Shrink Your Stomach
  • Be Inspired To Exercise And Move Your Body
  • Release Excess Weight
  • Fall In Love With Yourself
  • Make Better Decisions That Support The New Love You Have For Your Body And Its Health.
  • Give Yourself Permission To Release The Weight And Be Seen As The Wonderful Beautiful Woman You Are

Listen To The Recording Every Day For 21 Days Minimum. This Is An Intense Session Lasting Just Over 40 Minutes. Play This Session Using Headphones To Experience A Surround Sound And To Experience The Session As If You Were In The Room With Your Therapist Claire Anstey.

On Day One Start With Just This Hypnotherapy Session, At A Time Of Day That Suits You. Please Make Sure That You Are In A Safe Space, Comfortable And Relaxed. We Would Suggest Sitting On A Comfortable Armchair Or Laying On Your Bed.

On Days 2-21 Do This Hypnotherapy Session Along With The Mirror Work And Affirmations. Please Follow The Plan Given At The Top Of This Page.

Mirror Work

The Mirror Work Session In This Course Compliments Everything You Digested In Your Hypnotherapy Session. Kick Start Your Day By Doing Your Mirror Work In The Morning. Your Bathroom Just After Brushing Your Teeth Is A Perfect Time To Do Mirror Work. Get Your Mind Focused And Set Your Intentions. By Looking Deep Into Your Eyes Whilst Repeating Powerful Statements To Yourself You Enable Your Self-Love And Self-Belief To Grow. You Are Also Enhancing Your Connection Between Your Mind, Body, And Soul Enabling You To Feel Like All Parts Of You Are Working Together, Supporting You As You Release Weight, Create New Habits And Move Towards A More Vibrant, Confident And Healthier You.


Our Audio Affirmations Keep Your Mind In Check And Enable You To Focus Your Mind At Any Time Through Your Day. By Listening And Repeating These Affirmations You Are Confirming And Embodying The Positive Suggestions And Directing Every Cell In Your Body To Create The Correct Conditions For The Decider Changes, Whether That Be In Your Mind, Your Body Or Your Habits. Listen To The Affirmation Audio As You Desire. This Audio Is A Great Tool That Can Be Listened To At Work, Whilst Traveling Or Even In The Background Whilst At Home.


You Are Not Alone In This Journey. Our Community Of Wonderful “Goddesses In Training” Are There To Uplift And Inspire You. Take Daily Action In Our Community Section And Feel Accepted, Included, Motivated And Inspired. Make Sure You Join Our FB Group And Get Involved.