Powerful Affirmations For a Better Nights Sleep

Did you know that you can improve your mood and sleep better by listening to affirmations at bedtime?

Have you ever wondered how much better you would sleep if you could let go of all your negative emotions, worries, and anxiety that you’ve been feeling?

I love affirmations. They are a big part of my personal work and I love creating them for my clients.

Our minds can only focus on one thought at a time, so by switching your focus to affirmations, you can let go of the negative and self soothe with the positive. Affirmations when used in this way can quiet our mind, regulate our nervous system and help us to fall asleep.

Let go of all the negative thoughts from your mind and gain better sleep with the following ten positive affirmations.

1: All is well, and I feel supported
2: I release and let go
3: With every breath, I relax and let go
4: I give myself permission to rest and recharge
5: I am safe to let go and sleep deep
6: I invite calm into my mind and body
7: I permit myself to let go and rest
8: I am in harmony with myself, and I feel at peace
9: I trust the flow of the universe
10: I let go of fear and give myself permission to rest

Using affirmations for a night of better sleep is so easy to do. You can repeat them over and over in your head until you tire, just like counting sheep, or you may choose to play audio affirmations and fall asleep as you listen.

May affirmations clear your mind and relax your body so that you have the most wonderful sleep. Do let me know how you got on and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions.

I wish you the sweetest of dreams and the most epic of rests!