Rank Your Problems Worksheet

Rank Your Problems Worksheet

Taking stock of the problems you want to target for change gives you a clearer starting point for overcoming them. You may also find that these issues are interlinked.

This worksheet enables you to select the top 3 problems you would like to solve right now.

This will give you clarity and enable you to find your solutions rather than just feel swallowed up by the issue and your worries.

How do complete this worksheet

1: Think of your top 3 problems right now and write about them on the left side of the sheet.

2: On the right side of the worksheet write in detail the effects of this problem.

3: Now that you have got all your worries out on paper take some time to think about how you can solve each problem. Take a new piece of paper and write down each step you will need to take to solve this issue. This breaks the solution down into small easy achievable steps. With this done, the overwhelm of all the problems should have settled and you now have an achievable practical plan.