Restrictive Diets are your Enemy!

Food is not your enemy.
Restrictive diets and bad eating behaviours are your enemies!

Are you scared of food?
Do you know much about herbs and spices or how to create healthy dishes that taste like heaven?
Do you know anything about the nutrients in food?

At Operation Goddess, we want you to fall in love with food again. The creating of your meals, the searching for new recipes, the sharing of your dishes with the people you love.

So while you are working through our weight loss programs, we want you to discover new recipes. New recipes that include the fresh fruit or vegetables that you already love to eat. And recipes that contain vegetables, fruits or lean meats that are new to your palette.

Have you got in the habit of creating the same style “diet” meals for yourself?

Are you creating yourself a different “diet” meal from the rest of your family?

This all stops now!

You are not on a restrictive diet any more. You will not single yourself out at the dinner table and eat the “boring” or “no fun” food. Operation Goddess wants you to go on a journey of discovery. A quest to find nutritious abundant meals that tastes bountiful. Meals that enable your body to repair and restore. Meals that enables your nervous system to calm and your emotions to balance.

Food will become your friend again, and this is exciting.

As you move through the programs, you will naturally want to choose foods that your body will thrive on. Your body knows what is suitable for it, but we have laid some advice and suggestions out along the way.

Follow our six rules when seeking out your recipes, and all will start falling into place.