Stop Drinking Sugary Drinks with this Quick Exercise

Stop Drinking Sugary Drinks with this Quick Exercise

Did you know that we cant change the way we feel about certain foods until we change the images in our head!

If you have had a killer hangover from Tequilla, even saying the word may make your squirm. Or if prawns gave you food poisoning, you probably gag at the thought of eating them.

These foods now have a different image in your head, and it stops you from eating them.

You can do the same thing to the foods that you are addicted too but know are bad for your health.

If sugary drinks are your Achilles heel, then try this technique.

When you go to grab the drink, visualize yourself trying to eat ten spoons of sugar instead. See the sugar cubes inside the can as you go to pick it up. You know what sugar does to your teeth, those sugar cubes will steal away your smile. So visualize drinking the drink as your teeth go soft, chip, and drop out. See yourself smiling with no teeth and rotting gums, with a breath so potent people lean back as you talk to them.

Create the images in your mind and see the shifts in your habits!

Here are some facts about your favourite “smiling stealing” sugary drinks to help you with those visualizations.