The 3-Day Reset

Welcome to the

Day Two

Today is dedicated to exploring your current exercise habits, understanding the underlying emotions and excuses that hinder your progress.

Welcome To Day Two

Todays Tasks

Task One: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Worksheet

Assessment of Current Exercise & Movement Habits

Understanding Your Current Challenges with Movement and Exercise

Identify Your Primary Challenges:

1. What are the main obstacles you face when it comes to incorporating movement and exercise into your daily routine?
Consider aspects such as motivation, time constraints, physical limitations, or any other factors that apply to you.

Lack of motivation
Time constraints
Physical limitations
Lack of knowledge or resources
Other: __________ (Please specify)

Exploring Your Feelings and Emotions Towards Exercise

1: Assessing Your Emotional Connection to Exercise:
How do you typically feel before, during, and after exercising? Describe the range of emotions you experience and consider how they influence your attitude towards physical activity.

2: Understanding the Impact of These Emotions:
In what ways do these feelings affect your willingness or ability to engage in regular physical activity? Reflect on how your emotions may act as barriers or motivators in your exercise journey.

Analyzing Your Emotional Responses to Exercise

1. Identifying Emotional Responses to Exercise:
What emotions do you typically experience in relation to exercise? Focus on the feelings that arise before, during, and after you engage in physical activity, especially any feelings of inadequacy, frustration, or achievement. Check all that apply and feel free to add any additional emotions you experience.

Inadequacy or self-doubt when considering starting or during exercise
Frustration with progress or comparisons to others
Achievement and pride after completing a workout
Joy or pleasure in the activity itself
Anxiety or fear of injury or failure
Other: __________ (Please specify)

2. Understanding the Influence of These Emotions
Reflect on how these emotional responses influence your approach to exercise and physical activity. How do feelings of inadequacy or frustration compare to feelings of achievement? Consider how your emotional landscape shapes your motivation, consistency, and the types of activities you gravitate towards.

Task Two: 

The Fix

Action Steps

This section is designed to help you translate your insights and reflections into actionable steps. By considering your current challenges and emotional responses to exercise, you can now create a personalised plan that feels both achievable and enjoyable.

Creating Your Personalised Movement Plan:

1: Set Personalized Movement Goals:

Based on your current level of activity and how physical activity makes you feel, set realistic goals for yourself. What type of exercise aligns with your body's needs and your personal preferences? Consider measurable aspects to track your progress, such as steps taken, minutes of activity, or sessions per week.

Goal 1: _________ (Type of exercise)
Measurement: _________ (Steps, minutes, sessions)
Goal 2: _________ (Type of exercise)
Measurement: _________ (Steps, minutes, sessions)

2: Discover Joyful Movement:

Reflect on activities that you genuinely enjoy. These could range from walking in nature, dancing to your favorite music, yoga, swimming, or any other form of movement that brings you joy. How can you incorporate more of these activities into your routine?

Activity 1: _________
How often: _________
Activity 2: _________
How often: _________

3: Commitment to Self:

Write a short commitment statement to yourself, affirming your dedication to incorporating more movement into your life in ways that feel joyful and fulfilling. Consider this statement as a promise to treat your body with care and respect through active engagement.

By thoughtfully engaging with these action steps, you're laying the foundation for a nourishing relationship with food that supports your body's needs while also celebrating the joy of eating.

Task Three: Mirror Work

Transform Your Perception of Exercise From a Chore to a Source of Strength and Happiness.

Conclusion Of Two:

The second day of The 3-Day Fix is a pivotal step towards integrating movement into your life as a source of joy and vitality. By the end of the day, you'll have a deeper understanding of your physical activity patterns, the emotions influencing them, and a concrete plan to incorporate joyful movement into your daily routine. This preparation paves the way for Day Three, where you'll continue to build on this foundation, focusing on resilience and long-term wellness.

Day Three will hit your inbox soon, don't forget to search your junk mail if you cant find it at first.

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