That Wicked Scale!

Stepping On It Every Morning Can Either Make Or Break Your Day!

We KNOW that it shouldn’t rule our mood, but when you’re trying so hard to lose weight, it is the measurement of your efforts.

  • Do you hate yourself for putting on weight?
  • Are you hiding behind baggy clothes all the time?
  • Have you forgotten what sexy feel like?
  • Do you feel exhausted with it all?
  • Do you feel a sense of shame for letting yourself go, even though you are trying so hard?

Hi, I'm Julia. For 2 years I struggled to lose first 15 pounds that turned into 25 pounds after an injury.

I Would Lose 5 Pounds, 

Only To Put It Back On In 1 Weekend!

I tried Keto…
I tried the Mediterranean diet…
Starvation, working out like crazy, vegetarian…
I hired a dietician who had me take 20 supplements a day! This cost me a fortune!

If you can name the diet, I tried it over that 2 years. 

Did I really have to chose between having fun, going out to eat and parties with friends and a healthy, trim body? 

In my gut, I knew the answer was NO! but in reality, that’s the way it played out.

Monday morning: Scale up 3-4 pounds. Mood: Angry, frustrated and sad – hate the scale.


Tuesday-Thursday mornings: Scale down .5 to 1 pound a day. Mood: elated – love the scale.


Friday morning: Scale down 3 pounds for the week. Mood: Congratulations to me! I can celebrate a little tonight with a drink or something good to eat or desert.


Saturday & Sunday mornings: Too afraid to get on the scale for I knew what it would look like after the lovely dinner I had the night before and didn’t want the guilt to ruin my weekend.


Then, it would start all over again Monday morning.



Yo-Yo diet doesn’t begin to describe what I would go through.

Yes, the scale yo-yo’d, 

But My Emotions, My Mood…

I Felt Almost Manic!

I was the weekend warrior and it was sabotaging all my diet efforts. I remember thinking, if I can just get through 1 weekend without ruining my diet, I’d be in the clear. 


But, it just wasn’t in the cards for me. 


I had friends that were late night binge eaters, over eaters, emotional eaters, and many just blamed their metabolism after 40.


All of us were struggling for different reasons, but all had the same results. That wicked scale just wouldn’t move down past that initial 3-4 pounds. 


I knew I couldn’t give up because then I’d only get bigger and fatter. I didn’t want to get big and fat.


Not only that, I felt my health was declining as well.

I Love To Be Active But My Physical Ability And Strength Were Just Gone!

I had strange rashes, adult acne and I felt like I had way too many brain fog moments. 

I didn’t want to buy any new clothes so all my old clothes were ill-fitting at best. Muffin top anyone?

I found that my weight loss was taking over my conversations, my thought processes and frankly, consuming way too much of my time and energy. 


That’s When I Met Claire Anstey

 at a Mastermind Event

Claire had similar issues when she was younger and hated her body. She worked for years, spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of time to learn to love her body.

But she knew it shouldn’t be that hard. So, she started diving into the mental issues that really drive our sabotaging ways and make it so hard to lose weight.

And then she came across hypnotherapy. She started working with a few certified Hypnotherapists and realized that Hypnotherapy was the short cut that people needed. 

And she wanted to get this message out there to the masses of people that are truly struggling with their weight.

So, she became a Certified Hypnotherapist herself to help others that have struggled as she struggled, without the difficult and expensive life journey she took to love herself and her body.

She knows that it’s the subconscious mind that defaults to its trained state in order to stay in its comfort zone. Your brain does not want to leave this zone as throughout evolution this is the system it has been using to keep you safe and alive.

Unfortunately, the neuropathways that have developed from keeping safe are normally very hard to change.


It’s like changing the route of a highway through a different part of town.


But with hypnotherapy, you can easily change the direction of that highway and create new neural pathways quickly and easily.

We Know That Hypnotherapy Works With Smokers

 To Stop Their Habits. 

And Studies Show That It Works Wonders

 With Weight Loss, Too.

Claire is an expert when working with woman one on one, getting through to their subconscious mind so that they gain control of their diet destroying ways.   


She’s helped hundreds of women carve new pathways in their brains to gain control of their eating. And she does it in just a few sessions.


She’ll be the first to tell you that it doesn’t mean you don’t have to do the work. You still need to eat healthy and to exercise. 

BUT, what hypnotherapy does is give you the easy button to control your thought processes to make the right decisions. 


And if you do fall of the wagon, and we all do at some point, one session with her gets you right back on.


It’s that easy. No guilt. No fuss.

And that’s what I did. After 2 years of struggle, tons of money spent on diet and weight loss programs, and even a VERY expensive dietician selling her very expensive supplements…

I Hired Claire and Went Through Her Course.

After 1 week, I noticed I wasn’t dreading the scale anymore. 

After 2 weeks, I stopped feeling guilty on the weekends..

And after the full 6 week course, I lost a full 12 pounds. Less than 2 months later, I had lost the full 25 pounds. 

Again, with no guilt and no great sacrifices. Believe me, I still worked out 3 times a week and I incorporated intermittent fasting. 

But It Wasn't Hard!

And that’s the point. You still have to do the work but it wasn’t hard at all to stick to. I wanted and craved to work out. I wanted and craved to eat healthy.  My neuropathways were changed.


I didn’t even have to spend time thinking about it!


And, I got all that energy back that I was using towards constantly worrying about my diet. 


And I can’t recommend Claire’s program highly enough. It’s what worked for me.


It worked so well for me that I called her up and asked if I could help bring her course to the masses so that other people could experience what I experienced. 


So that we could bring the easy weight loss button to people in their own home, without having to see Claire personally.

Together, we took her course online and made it available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, because you never know when that craving will hit and you're need a Hypnotherapy session from Claire to be strong.


Welcome to a revolutionary new way to finally stop your yoyo dieting habits and get off the diet hamster wheel once and for all, all from the comfort of your own home.

Do you want to stop overeating?

Do you want to control cravings?

Do you want to feel motivated to exercise?


If so, you need to join Claire’s Think Thin, Stay Slim program.

Claire Anstey, Certified Hypnotherapist, created this breakthrough six-part Hypnotherapy program to upgrade your negative thoughts, attitudes and beliefs about yourself, your health and food. 

The Techniques In This Course Will Enable You To Gain Control Of Your Eating,

 Stop Your Negative Dieting Cycle

 And Lose Weight Permanently....

All by changing your neuropathways.


We all know that skinny woman (hmm.. looking at you, supermodels) that still hate their body and are completely insecure.


We also know that woman that is strong and fit, but isn’t supermodel skinny, but is the essence of sexy. Heads turn when she walks in a room. She knows her own strength and isn’t afraid to flaunt it. She’s the goddess.

Who Would You Rather Be?

If you chose goddess, then you have to join Claire’s 6 part course.


Because losing weight isn’t enough. You have to change the negative thought patterns to keep the weight off for good. 

And even more important, learn to love your body and yourself, no matter what size you are.

I Loved How I Looked!

I remember about half way through my weight loss journey, while working with Claire, that I loved how I looked so much that I didn’t care if I lost the rest of the weight. 

That was the first time in my life that I loved how I looked. And I was still 12 pound ‘overweight’!!. 

Claire is one of the only people I know in the diet industry that cares more about how you feel about your own body than your weight. Because, after all, if you don’t love your body, it doesn’t matter the size you are. And weight loss will NOT make you love yourself more. Never has, never will.

Claire’s 6 part Think Thin, Stay Slim program will make you feel strong, empowered even to stick to whatever diet you chose is right for you. Even if you chose no diet and just cut back on your portions, you can stick with it with ease.


Without feeling hungry.


Or tired.


Or frustrated.


Not only do you get Claire walking you through this 6 part course, you get to have unlimited access to it, forever.


This means, you can share it with friends (please do as we want to help as many people as possible) or replay sessions when you feel you’ve fallen off the wagon. 


We even have a lot of people do it with their friends for the extra accountability.

This Course Enables You To LOOK and FEEL LIKE A GODDESS

So, let’s dive into what you’ll get and how you’ll change, module by module

In the first module we are going to concentrate on an issue that most woman struggle with, OVER-EATING.

You know, when that pizza tastes so good and you’ve eaten the entire thing before you know what happened. And then you feel TERRIBLE 20 minutes later with your belly bulging.


Or when you know you shouldn’t get that desert after a giant meal, but everyone else is so…


We weren’t born overeaters. If you watch little kids, they stop eating when their full. That’s it, their body automatically knows when to stop. 

But as we get older, we override this natural stop response with neuropathways of reward (it tastes soooo good!).


We know this is one of the biggest problems, so we start here first. 


Now, you’ve heard of a gastric band, right? A Gastric Band is a radical, surgical operation that reduces the available space in the stomach. It works, but does not solve the problem of why you’re overeating in the first place. 


Claire created the Gastric Band Hypnosis.  This psychological procedure convinces your unconscious mind to stop eating, just like if you had a band around your stomach so it was much smaller. 


The great thing about Gastric band Hypnosis is that there is no forbidden foods and no actual surgery. Just follow all the instructions and let Claire help you lose weight.


You get 3 Hypnotherapy sessions to help you to stop over eating. 


So, the next time you’re at a restaurant, you simply put the fork down when you’re naturally full.


Module 2 is all about learning to think like you’re a much slimmer version of yourself.


When you’re down to your ideal weight, you’re not going to crave those sugary snacks, the chips or the fatty foods that are so unhealthy for you.


When you’re slimmer, you’ll know what healthy, nutritious food gives you boundless energy, makes you look younger and you’ll crave exercise for the same reasons.


You won’t skip meals, nor restrict their diets or over-exercise. You won’t have ‘good’ or ‘bad’ days. 


Our "Think like a slim person" course will enable you to get out of bed each day without constantly thinking about dieting or losing weight.


You’ll get 2 sessions this week, and an extra bonus that is only available today with this offer: The Think Thin Rule Book.

Module 3 is an important one. This is where we’re going to go in and Release Old Eating Habits (Childhood Wiring).


We’re going to figure out exactly why you’re sabotaging your efforts so that you can rewire your brain for better habits. 


Challenging your own beliefs and behaviours around food can be a liberating experience. Not only will you start to lose weight effortlessly as you learn to recognize what triggers for you to cause you eat the wrong foods or too much food.


Weight loss programs only teach you what to eat and how much to eat, and even when to eat. 


But they don't tackle the underlying beliefs that influence your eating patterns. Many of these beliefs are formed in childhood.


You are no longer a child. 


Let me repeat that.


You are no longer a child.


Eating all your food on your plate isn’t necessary and it isn’t going to help a starving kid in Africa (one of my parent’s favourite sayings to get me to eat all my food).


And food does not have to be a reward. You don’t need an ice cream because you were a good girl. There are other, much better rewards in life. 


You’ll get 2 Hypnosis sessions this week that will help you discover where you're triggers started and then reprogram your brain so that you won’t have these triggers anymore.

Module 4 will program your brain to crave healthy food, not junk food. 


These Hypnosis sessions open a direct line of communication with your subconscious, allowing us to speak directly to it giving it new information and commands to follow.


This course has 2 hypnotherapy sessions and a special bonus that is only available today with this offer: The Junk Food Buster Technique.

If you eat because you’re sad, or angry or scared or lonely or even happy, the module 5 sessions are going to give you freedom from your emotional eating.


Eating can be a way to silence or "stuff down" uncomfortable emotions. While you're numbing yourself with food, you can avoid the difficult emotions you would rather not feel. 


But why are you trying to numb these emotions?


Feeling your emotions is much less scary than you have convinced yourself to think. Your emotions provide you with useful messages about yourself, letting you know what you truly believe and feel about things. 


Once you stop pushing your feelings away, you will stop using food as the suppressant.


This week, you’ll STOP THE EMOTIONAL EATING with 3 important sessions.

Our last module, module 6, we get your body in receiving mode by kickstarting your metabolism. 


I’m sure you’ve heard of the fight-flight-freeze response, otherwise known as flight or fight. 


This is your body's natural reaction to danger. It is a stress response that helps you react to perceived threats, like oncoming traffic or a dangerous animal. The response instantly causes physiological and hormonal changes. Most of the time the body returns to its natural state after the threat has gone but us humans can get stuck in this stressed out state.


Did you have a traumatic experience that helped pack on the pounds? 


Did you go through a very stressful time and that’s what caused the weight gain?


Did you gain weight from an injury?


This stress, whether mental or physical shuts you metabolism down. You simply don’t need a metabolism if there is a real threat, like a lion chasing you. 


But, it never turned back on because you have stayed in a stressed out state – you are stuck in a flight or fight mode even though the lion 


The good news is the same mechanism in your brain that turns the stress response on, can also turn it off. 


Through the power of Hypnosis, we can restore the body back to its natural, relaxed state. After shutting of the danger signals from the brain it only takes three minutes for the fight or flight response to burn out. 


Then the metabolism, heart rate, breathing rate, muscle tension and blood pressure all return to their regular rate. 


This natural healing response is known as the relaxation response.


And as a special bonus to your module 2 sessions, you get the Turn Up Your Metabolism Hypnosis session, available today only.


Because we don’t just want to turn your metabolism back on, we want to super charge it!


We want you to be a fat burning engine all day and all night so you wake up feeling slimmer every day.


So that your old clothes that you couldn’t bare to throw away can come out of hiding and you can shine wearing your favorite cloths again. 


So that you don’t need a scale. You love what you see every day in the mirror.

Are You Ready To Have

Your Friends and Family Rave at

 How Good You Look?

To Get Those Compliments

 You So Deserve?

Then join Claire Anstey in her 6 PART course to

 Think Thin, Stay Slim.

What People Are Saying About Think Thin Stay Slim

"I have lost 17 pounds and just wanted to say Thank You!

“The Love Your Body sessions were the most beneficial for me. Even though I still haven't lost the 25 pounds that is my goal, I love my body now and am not stressing about the last 7 pounds. I know I'll get there. I've never loved my body or felt this comfortable in my own skin as I do now. I even went shopping for new sexy cloths, which I haven't done in over 2 years!"

Gabby Day
- CEO Biz Life Execs

You may be wondering just how much an incredible, mind reprogramming, 6 module, 17 session Hypnotherapy course from Claire costs.


Well, what if I was to tell it was way less than that special diet food you keep buying from the store month after month that tastes like sugary cardboard.


…way less than hiring your own personal dietician, whom you’re not going to need anyway because your body will tell you what, when and how to eat after this 6 weeks.


…and way, way less than going to see your own Hypnotherapist for 17 sessions that would run you over $2,000 cold hard cash.


You get 6 MODULES of online Hypnotherapy sessions and  powerful inner work:

  • Module 1 = Gastric Band Hypnosis
  • Module 2 = Think Like Thin Person
  • Module 3 = Release Old Eating Habits
  • Module 4 = Choose Healthier Food
  • Module 5 = Stop Emotional Eating
  • Module 6 = Kick Start Your Metabolism

That’s 17 sessions of hypnosis, mirror work, affirmations, guides and techniques including 3 bonus sessions only available with this offer, over 6 modules (you can go at your own speed) for you to keep forever. 

When I did this Think Thin, Be Slim program with Claire, 

I paid over $1,400!  Was it worth it?


But, because I’ve partnered with Claire and we want to bring this special course to the masses, I’ve convinced her that she can serve more people by dropping the price. 


And she is. Dramatically. Just for you.


So you won’t pay the $1,400 that I did for the 6 weeks. 


You won’t even pay half of that at $700.


You will get the whole Think Thin, Stay Slim Hypnotherapy course for only $497.


Let’s break that down. 


With 14 powerful sessions and 3 bonuses that are only available today, that comes to only $27.61 a session!


You won’t get that anywhere else. 


In fact, now that I said that, it does feel like we’re giving this away. 


So, act now before we change our minds.


And the best part is, if it doesn’t work for you after trying it out, we’ll give you 100% of your money back within 60 days.


So you literally have nothing to lose.  We know not everything works for everyone and some people are very resistant to change and even Hypnotherapy. 


We don’t want you to be scared off and not try it because you’ve never been hypnotized. Hypnosis isn’t what you see on T.V.


It isn’t mind control. It isn’t getting you to do things you don’t want to do.


You will be present and aware of everything being said the whole time. 


If it makes you uncomfortable, GOOD! That’s what it’s supposed to do. Only by going out of your comfort zone will you really change for good.

What happens if you can’t start it for while? No problem… 


The best part is you get to keep the sessions for life. So you can start it today, tomorrow, January 1st or whenever you want!


 But as I said, I don’t know how long we’re going to keep this price as it is insane to only charge $27.61 per Hypnotherapy session.


And if $497 still feels a little out of reach for you, we have help there, too.


First, we always recommend splitting with a friend first. Going through major changes like you’re about to do with these sessions is always more fun with a friend. You can share your experiences and really keep each other accountable. 


Next, you can take advantage of our payment plan. Since this course is a 6 module course, you can split the payments into 2 monthly payments of only $259 each. Pay $259 today, and $259 30 days from now.


And, of course, our 60 day guarantee extends to those who chose the payment plan option as well.


So, what are you waiting for?


Stop the yo-yo dieting, the weekend warriering, the Monday morning disgust and frustration.


Stop the endless thinking about when, how and what to eat. 


Stop the battle of motivation on trying to get to the gym.


Instead, get to the root cause of what is really keeping the weight on.


Childhood programming, metabolism issues sparked from stressful events, binge eating, emotional eating…

You will overcome it all with the Think Thin, Be Slim 6 week hypnotherapy course by Certified Hypnotherapist, Claire Anstey.



You get 14 extremely powerful hypnotherapy sessions and our special 3 bonuses available with this offer only:


  • The Think Thin Rule Book: a guide teaching you the best, healthiest thoughts to have everyday for a slimmer you
  • The Junk Food Buster Technique: rewiring your brain to stop the junk food cravings, yes, even your favorite treats.
  • Turn Up Your Metabolism Hypnosis Session to supercharge your metabolism to work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to wake up feeling thinner every day.

Don’t miss out on these special bonuses and this amazing deal!


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

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P.S.: You only get our special 3 bonuses available with todays offer.  Today you get not 14 BUT 17 extremely powerful hypnotherapy sessions! Thats 17 sessions inside 6 life changing, weight shifting modules!

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