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That Wicked Scale!

Stepping On It Every Morning

Can Either Make Or Break Your Day!

We know that it shouldn’t rule our mood.

But when you’re trying so hard to lose weight, it is the measurement of your efforts.

Do you hate yourself for putting on weight?

Are you hiding behind baggy clothes all the time?

Have you forgotten what sexy feels like?

Do you feel exhausted with it all?

Do you sense a sense of shame for letting yourself go even though you are trying so hard?

If you said Yes to any of these questions, you are 100% in the right place.

Claire Anstey

I'm a certified Hypnotherapist and I am your sister in WEIGHT LOSS.

I know exactly what you're going through, where you've been, and I know exactly what we can do using hypnosis to get you to those goals, and to get you to those goals effortlessly.

So, before we talk about the hypnosis, let's have a little look at you and food.

So... What type of an eater are you?

Understanding the eating type, you identify with is one of the first steps in tackling your eating issues.

Then we can start looking at how we can heal this with hypnosis.


Always rushing around, you have to literally grab something when you're on the move, and there's no time for you to prepare food or plan really nutritious mealtimes.

Maybe you're the Super-Snacker

“Just the one won't hurt?”

Maybe you sit in front of the television or the screen at work just snacking away.

Maybe you're hungry as you're not eating enough balanced nutritious meals. Your body is hungry for goodness and nutrition, not snacks.


Food makes you feel so much better.
Eating stops you from feeling your emotions.
Maybe you use food as a reward.
This is something that could be from your childhood.


Maybe you're experiencing the compound effect of just eating badly for so long. Maybe you're experiencing a lack of healthy routine.

You could be blaming middle age hormones, the aging process. You could have fallen in love and got fat, or you could have had your heart broken.


Are you always ordering the “large”?
Do you use large dinner plates at home when cooking and serving food?

Do you keep eating even when you're full up?


Lazy TV dinners.
You’re eating more, moving less.
You are generally just lazy, unmotivated, and zoning out?

So, what type of an eater are you?

Now you may find that you fall in between 2 or 3 or even 4 of those categories.

The good thing is that you now have more of an understanding of the walks and the whys that are causing you to overeat, and basically not lose weight. 

But whatever eating category you fell into,

whether it was one, two, three or four of those I just explained, the great news is that we can use the power of hypnosis to literally dissolve these bad habits.

So, that you can eat healthily and hit that target weight that you so deserve to hit.

The first thing we're going to do is find out whether

Hypnosis will work for you.

I'm gonna take you through a very simple process
and instantly, you will be able to know whether you can be hypnotized
and weather we can use it on your weight loss and food issues.

I'm also gonna teach you exactly how hypnosis works.

You will learn how we can use hypnosis to change bad habits
and behaviors and upgrade your belief system.

We are also going to be looking at weight loss.

How can hypnosis and using the power of your mind enable you to lose weight effortlessly.

So, will Hypnosis work for you?

Can you use Hypnosis to help you lose weight effortlessly?

In a moment, I'm going to take you through a powerful exercise and in an instant, you will know whether it will work or not.

And then, I'm going show you the Junk Food Buster Technique.

Whatever eating type you have discovered that you are at the beginning of this webinar,
this is going to enable you to gain control over your compulsive eating and get back on track.

Are you finding it really hard because you don't have willpower?

Do you feel like there's something inside you that is just making you eat and eat and eat?

Well, if that is so, stick around because the Junk Food Buster Technique will change everything,
and we will do it within minutes.

It's incredible this technique, it's changing so many lives.

But first let me tell you a little bit more about my personal journey and my expertise
in not only hypnosis but weight loss.


I have over 15 years’ experience as a therapist and in all things,
my body and soul, my training includes being a cognitive behavioral hypnotherapist.

I've studied signs of mind and I'm a metaphysical practitioner.

Many, many years ago, I was a personal trainer and a dance teacher,
and I'm even trained in massage therapy.

I know deeply your mind your body and your soul.
And of course, on a personal level of experienced weight loss issues and body confidence issues.

You are in very, very safe hands.

Claire Anstey 

And the great thing is, you do not need to go on any training courses.

You do not need to spend 15 years working out these methods, and these wonderful secrets.
I'm here to share them all with you right now.

So, let's find out whether you can get hypnotized

and whether hypnosis is going to work for you and your weight loss goals.

So, you have now experienced how Hypnosis works.

And through that experience you now know that you are the perfect candidate for weight loss Hypnosis. This is so exciting!

But let's just take a moment to go through what you've just experienced.

As you just experienced, it’s a deep state of relaxation.

Where we are able to remove any resistance from your conscious mind

when you are in this relaxed state.

We are able to reprogram your subconscious mind with the commands

and suggestions that we give it in the hypnotic process.

You are able to bypass your critical mind and go deep into the subconscious mind.

Now, the subconscious mind literally holds the rulebook.

It follows it unconsciously and automatically.

This is why it's been so difficult for you to make changes and break those negative eating habits.

But by using hypnosis, by relaxing that conscious mind,

We can go into that subconscious mind, and we can create lasting change by upgrading the beliefs and habits that are currently not serving you and keeping you fat.

So, I'm sure you know of somebody that gave up smoking through the power of hypnosis

But how can hypnosis help you with weight loss?

Let's Go Through It

Right Now

With Hypnosis, we can program new healthy eating habits into your mind.
We can give you a positive food mindset

Yes! You can fall in love with Fruits and Vegetables again.

Through hypnosis, we will also be able to get you to identify as a naturally slim person
This means that you will automatically make choices that will keep you lovely and slender.

By using the power of hypnosis, we will be able to release any trauma and stuck emotions are in your body.
This, in turn, will enable you to literally dissolve any fat that you are keeping hold of as a shield or as protection.

We can turn up your metabolism.

We can shrink your stomach.

We can literally command your whole body to heal.

And with the hypnosis that I use, we will be able to reconnect you with your feelings and emotions.

You will live a far, far, more fulfilled and content life.
Because we will be able to release you from any addictive and codependent behavior you have with food and drink and anything else.

The power of Hypnosis is second to none and your weight loss will become effortless
and you will feel completely free, you will feel slim, and you will finally feel happy.

You now know how Hypnosis works. You now know how Hypnosis works for weight loss
and the most exciting thing is, during the lemon exercise, you realize that you are the perfect candidate for weight loss hypnosis.

Because you can do Hypnosis.

You can follow my words.
Use the power of your own mind.
And you can get whatever results you desire.

It’s so exciting!

And what's more exciting is I have put 15 years of my experience,
all that knowledge that I have got,
and all the work that I have done with hundreds and hundreds of women around the world
helping them lose weight

I've put it into something so special
It is my life's work and you're invited

I am so excited to invite you to my revolutionary new program

Think Thin Stay Slim

Do you want to stop overeating?

Do you want to control your cravings?

Do you want to feel motivated to exercise?



All from the comfort of your own home

and as promised, we are going to now go through one of the powerful techniques
in my Think Thin Stay Slim program.


Ladies, are you ready to learn a technique that will change your willpower forever when it comes to Junk Food?


The Junk Food Buster Technique

Just one of the many powerful techniques that you will find in my Think Thin Stay Slim program

You have just shifted so much

And you can use that Junk Food Buster Technique today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life.

Welcome Ladies To

Think Thin Stay Slim

As a certified hypnotherapist,

I created this breakthrough six-part hypnotherapy program.

So, that you can upgrade your negative thoughts and attitudes,

shift the beliefs you have about yourself, your health, and your food.

The techniques in this course will enable you to gain control of your eating,

stop your negative dieting cycle, and lose weight permanently.

Think Thin Stay Slim consists of SIX Modules

These modules are rammed packed with Hypnosis sessions.

Mirror Work

There is so much in there

This course is my life's work

15 years of experience and I've helped hundreds of women to breakthrough their weight loss blocks

and get the body that they have desired for so, so, long.

So, what's in these six modules?

Let's go through each one in detail right now for you

Module One

We're going to concentrate on an issue that most women struggle with.


You know how it is.

The pizza just tastes so good.
And then before you know it you've eaten the entire thing, and then you feel terrible just 20 minutes later.

You belly is bulging
And you're just feeling all yuck

You know we weren't born overeaters

If you watch little kids or babies
They stop eating when they're full

That's it.
Their body automatically knows when to stop.

But as we get older, we override this natural stop response.

This is one of the biggest problems that women have
So, we're going to start here first.


You've had the Gastric Band, right?

Well, we are going to be doing Gastric Band Hypnosis.

It's a psychological procedure that convinces your unconscious mind to stop eating.

We are literally going to be shrinking the size of your stomach, and you are going to be eating less and less instantly
Just as if you have had a gastric band surgery.

Now of course this surgery is really dangerous.

It's really invasive.

But you can get the exact same results just from Hypnosis.

This is module one

We go in with a super powerful set of sessions.
They're going to enable you to shrink your appetite.
And shrink your belly instantly.

Super exciting!
Powerful Module #1

Module Two

You are going to learn how to think like a naturally slim person

Yet all the secrets, All the tricks.

You are going to learn them.

So, Module 2, think like a slim person today has not two but three fabulously powerful sessions that are going to deeply, deeply, create the changes you desire.

Module Three


In this module, we're going to go deep inside, and we are going to release old negative eating habits.

Habits that you may have learned through childhood.

We're going to figure out exactly why you're sabotaging your efforts, so that we can rewire your brain for better habits

Weight loss programs only teach you what to eat and how much to eat.
But they don't tackle the underlying beliefs that influence your eating patterns.

Many of these beliefs were formed in childhood.

You are no longer a child!

Now, let me repeat that.


You don't need to eat all the food on your plate.
You don't need to eat sugar and cakes to reward yourself.

So, all these old beliefs and negative behaviors are going to be discovered in this module, and they are going to be released, and we are going to upgrade you.

You get 2 deep, deep, hypnosis sessions in this module.

We're going to discover where your triggers started
And then we're going to reprogram your brain. So, that you won't have these triggers anymore.

You are going to get fast, fast, shifts and changes in your eating habits
And in your cravings.

This is a powerful module.

Module Four

In this module, we are going to program your brain to crave healthy food and not junk food.

Now, there's two powerful hypnotherapy sessions in this module.
We are going to get you to eat fruits and vegetables and healthy meals effortlessly.

Do you eat because you're sad angry scared lonely or even happy?

Module Five

This module is all about emotional eating

We are going to release you from any emotional eating habits
We're going to get you to feel safe feeling your emotions

And once you stop pushing those feelings away , you will stop using food as the suppressant.

Stop emotional eating in three sessions

So exciting!

Module Six

This is the last module.

Here we're going to take your body out of trauma And we are going to boost and kickstart your metabolism.

Now, I'm sure you've heard with the fight flight and freeze response

This is your body's natural reaction to danger.

Have you ever had a traumatic experience and then packed on the pounds?

Maybe you've gone through a very stressful time, and this caused the weight gain
or maybe it was from personal injury.

The stress, whether mental or physical, it shuts your metabolism down due to the
Fight, flight, and freeze response

So, in these sessions we are going to calm your nervous system.

What we're going to do is take you out of trauma

Out of this stress response

And because of this

You get two sessions in this module.

Are you ready to have your friends and family rave at how good you look?

Are you ready to get those compliments you so deserve?


think Thin Stay Slim

you will get 14 hypntheraphy sessions.

So… Do you still want to eat that food? No!

It's so fast!

It's so powerful like all the techniques in our
Think Thin Stay Slim Program!

So, Think Thin Be Slim program consists of 17 sessions

When I take my private clients through 17 sessions, it costs over $5000.

Yet, you heard me correctly.
Over $5000 to be taken through this program.

But the great thing is  you do not have to pay that because today we have a wonderful offer for you.

When I run Think Thin Stay Slim as a six-week course
It costs $1400

Yep. Much cheaper than the $5000.
But still, $1400 and you still are going to pay so, so, much less on TODAY’S SPECIAL OFFER

Today, you will get the whole Think Thin Stay Slim Hypnotherapy course for only $497.

It's crazy cause this works out only $27.61 per session

Do you know that my private clients pay over $300 each to have a one to one with me?

You are going to be getting 14 extremely powerful hypnotherapy sessions for $27.61 at per session.

The price of $497. This is so fantastic!
And I am so excited to be able to give you this program for this price.

This is my life's work.

And it's transformed the bodies the minds and the lives of hundreds of women
And now you get your chance to do the think thin stay slim program

Do the six modules over six weeks and change your relationship with food forever.


You get 14 extremely powerful hypnotherapy sessions and our special 3 bonuses available with this offer only:


  • The Think Thin Rule Book: a guide teaching you the best, healthiest thoughts to have everyday for a slimmer you
  • The Junk Food Buster Technique: rewiring your brain to stop the junk food cravings, yes, even your favorite treats.
  • Turn Up Your Metabolism Hypnosis Session to supercharge your metabolism to work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to wake up feeling thinner every day.

Don’t miss out on these special bonuses and this amazing deal!

No willpower needed
No motivation needed
You just sit back and listen to the sessions

So, act now before we change our minds on this special offer.

The best part is if it does not work for you after trying it out
We will give you
100% of your money back within 60 days

So, you literally have nothing to lose
We don't want you to be scared off and not try it because you've never been hypnotized.

You've done that little session with me and the lemon
So, that you know hypnosis works for you

And now you have the option to try this for 60 days and if you don't like it
If it's not working, we will give you 100% of your MONEY BACK.

This is a win-win situation.

So, what are you waiting for?

Stop the yoyo dieting!
Stop being a weekend warrior and eating all that crappy food!
Stop the endless thinking about when how and why to eat!
Let's start with your battles of going to the gym.
Let's get you falling in love with exercise,
Let's get to the root cause of what is really going on, so, you can lose weight for ever.

Childhood programming
Metabolic issues
Whatever it is that's going on
Whatever type of eater you are

You will overcome it all with the Think Thin Stay Slim 6 Module hypnotherapy course created by me, Certified hypnotherapist, Claire Anstey.

You deserve to look and feel like a BEAUTIFUL GODDESS

I have put my life's work into this six-part program

And I cannot wait to see your transformation

And see you living your best life it is time to breakthrough those weight loss blocks.

It is time to set yourself free you are wonderful, and you so deserve this

I'll see you in class.

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