What You Say To Your Body Matters

What You Say To Your Body Matters

First, you make your beliefs, and then your beliefs make you. So with that said, what have you been telling your body today?

“I am fat!”
“I hate myself, and I look disgusting.”
“I am so ugly and gross.”
“I have ankles like tree trunks.”
“I look like a big fat whale.”

Your mind does exactly what it thinks you want it to do. It does what you are ordering it to do, and what it thinks is in your best interest. When you make statements like the ones above, your mind believes them as a command. A way you have decided to be. Your mind will then do whatever it can to make these commands a reality for you.

Every word you say to yourself, every thought you think is embedded into your being. It becomes your vibration, and because we live in a universe that is governed by spiritual laws, these laws always work and your desires even when undesired will manifest.

By consciously changing our thoughts and words, we change the beliefs and patterns in our subconscious mind. When we do this, we invite change in our life experience. It the universal law of cause and effect, and the law always works.

The negative statements given above come from feelings of shame, anger and self-hate. Our thoughts and words create energy and energy is vibration. By putting this vibration out into the world, we will manifest more of it.

By changing the words, we say about our body; we can create feelings of acceptance, love and peace. And by putting these vibrations out into the world will be manifest more of it.

It will manifest as more thoughtful choices, by choosing better foods, more exercise, more vibrant clothes. As you begin to talk to your body with love, just like a flower, you will bloom, and others will also start to notice your beauty.

No word can be offensive unless you attach offence to it. We live in a world of dialects and slang words. For some, the word fat is just a simple fact about the extra weight they carry; for others, it is a word that makes them feel a deep pain of shame. As we now look at new more loving words for you to start using to describe your body, I want you to know that the words you choose will be unique to you and they have to feel right. Even on a transition from hate to love, you have to feel the words you say; you have to believe and relate to them.

Above is a selection of alternative words you can start using. You can also put them into a thesaurus to source the terms that feel right for you.

Big & beautiful

So next time you catch yourself saying or thinking a bad thought about your body. Take the time to write it down and reverse it. To get you inspired, I have changed the original statements given at the start of this blog.

“I am voluptuous!”
“I love myself, and my body is dependable.”
“I am so womanly, and my body is efficient.”
“I have a big beautiful body.”
“I look like me, and I accept myself as I am.”

Repetition creates change. Practice makes perfect. Repeat your sentences over and over like a mantra. Make your self a list of your new words and keep them on your phone, read them often and let these new loving words become your new normal.