Uncover the Root Cause of Your Weight Loss Struggles

That Wicked Scale!

Stepping On It Every Morning Can Either Make Or Break Your Day!

We KNOW that it shouldn’t rule our mood, but when you’re trying so hard to lose weight, it is the measurement of your efforts.

We Know That Hypnotherapy Works With Smokers To Stop Their Habits. 

And Studies Show That It Works Wonders
 With Weight Loss, Too.

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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss?

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Just for registering, get our Free E-Book called "Thinking Slim"

In this book you will be able to know whether you can be hypnotized
and weather we can use it on your weight loss and food issues.

I'm also gonna teach you exactly how hypnosis works.

You will learn how we can use hypnosis to change bad habits
and behaviors and upgrade your belief system.

We are also going to be looking at weight loss.

How can hypnosis and using the power of your mind enable you to lose weight effortlessly.

You will know all that. SO, register now and get this book for FREE.

Thousands of woman have already experienced the shape changing benefits of hypnosis.

Will it work for you? 

Find out in the Hypnosis for Weight Loss Workshop. We'll walk you through a real hypnotherapy session to see if hypnosis is the answer to your weight loss struggles.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work For Weight Loss

It's All In Your Head

The root cause of weight loss struggles is psychological. Hypnosis has been proven in thousands of scientific studies to alter your neuro pathways to stop bad habits for good.

Reprogram Your Brain

Whether it's late night binge eating, emotional eating or even sugar addictions, hypnosis helps reprogram your brain to set you up for success.

Lose the Weight For Good

The techniques in this workshop will enable you to gain control of your eating, stop your negative dieting cycle and LOSE WEIGHT PERMANENTLY.

Will It Work For You?
You'll know for sure after this workshop

Hypnotherapy doesn't work for everyone. Some people are completely resistant to change. We've seen over and over again that hypnosis will NOT work for these type of people.

That's why we've put together this special workshop. Before you spend money on another diet, find out if hypnosis is the solution for you to break through your mental barriers - free!

Start Your Hypnosis Jouney
Get a Free Weight Loss Hypnosis Session

In our workshop, you will experience the power of hypnosis. And, we're going to give you a free weight loss hypnosis session, just for joining us. Start your weight loss journey by breaking your mental habits around food and bad habits with hypnotherapy. 

Your Hostess

Claire Anstey is a trained CBT Hypnotherapist and practices Science of Mind & Metaphysics. She has also studied Shamanism and experienced first hand the benefits of plant medicine whilst in Peru with her teachers.  

Her work "The Anstey Method" brings together her life training in Physics, Hypnotherapy, CBT, Metaphysics and New Thought.

Claire Anstey

Certified Hypnotherapist

Free Online Workshop

What Other Workshop Attendees Have Said

I have to admit, I am a huge skeptic of hypnosis and really just signed up to prove it wouldn't work for me. Boy, was I wrong.
In the session, after my mouth was watering, I knew I had to give this a shot. 
Claire has helped me lose over 15 pounds and keep it off for the last year!

Julia Lundstrom

CEO Simple Smart Science

I stopped smoking because of hypnosis, so when I came across this workshop for weight loss, I was all ears. 

Not only have I busted through my sugar binges, I have lost 6 pounds in 5 weeks!

Paulette Simons

Administrative Assistant

I have known and worked with Claire for years. I was so excited to hear she was creating this online workshop to take her work to the masses.

But, the quality and depth of this free workshop blew me away. I am proud of the work she is putting out there and how many thousands she has helped.

Gary Albert Hughes

Health and Wellbeing Coach, Hypnotherapist Kinesiologist

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